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Setting Sail on the Disney Fantasy with Mariah

Hey Y'all! It's Mariah!

I am here writing my latest adventure when I set sail on the Disney Cruise Line on the Disney Fantasy! I'm here to tell y'all a few amazing things on the Fantasy Disney Cruise Line ship and a few excursions that you should do in the Western Caribbean. 

Below are a few pictures that were captured on the amazing adventure!

First, what is the one thing people look forward to when they go on a cruise? Let's think?  Food, food, and more food! I have heard the Bahama Mama is amazing on the Sailing Away party and what I heard was so true!

Now, I am all about details!  I probably screamed at the top of my lungs when I saw Ice Cream didn't exist on the Disney Fantasy!  Oh, no!  I found Eye Scream!  

The Frozone just blew me out and I had to snag a pic!  They had so many amazing treats it was hard to choose just one!

The Disney Fantasy had such a great variety of coffee!  The ship had areas for 18+ years and older adults that included two different pools and a nice quiet cafe called, "Cove Cafe"  The Cove Cafe is an area that is full of peace and quiet.  If you want a quick cup of coffee you can head to "Vista Cafe" to grab that quick cup!  My goto quick cup of coffee was an Iced Vanilla Latte per usual.

Also I got the adorable Disney Cruise Line Cozy below from @sweetcozycafe.

The Cabana is a buffet style full of food you wouldn't imagine would be on the cruise!  I was blown away by the details of Mickey because who doesn't like Mickey shaped anything?  In the Cabana you can sit outside and see the beautiful water or you can also sit inside and see it from a clear window.  I particularly liked the inside due to high winds that can happen. 

When you go on a Disney Cruise and mix Fine Dining you get the best of the best!  Each restaurant that is in line of the Dinner Dining is more than outstanding.  There are three Dinner Restaurants that are provided with the Cruise.  The Royal Court, The Enchanted Garden, and Animators' Palate.  I enjoyed every one of the dining experiences.  I personally have always been in love with animation and what can be done through animation.  In the Animators' Palate there are interactive experiences with characters from Finding Nemo in the first Animators' Palate experience.  The second experience of the Animators' Palate experience they will give you a paper to draw out a character from your imagination.  At the end of the dinner the drawing will appear on the screens! It is all absolutely fascinating!

Below is a picture of Strawberry Shortacake sundae with a detail of the Mouse himself!

This cruise went throughout the Western Caribbean which included Cozumel, Mexico, Cayman Islands, Falmouth, Jamaica, and Castaway Cay.  When you book your Disney Cruise you will have the choice to also book Port Adventures on each of these stops throughout your journey.  There is amazing beaches in each of these islands.  I am full of adventure and did not go on the beach on every Port stop. 

In Cozumel, Mexico my family and I rode ATVs throughout the "jungle" in Mexico.  It was a full of energy experience that I will never forget!  We stopped at a nearby beach where authentic Mexican food was included in the excursion we booked with the cruise!

In the Cayman Islands we booked a beach day in an area called the "White House" yet I would recommend the "Seven Mile Beach."  The excursion we booked did not have wide land like the others we heard after our Port Adventure.

Jamaica was one of the top Port Adventures I had on the cruise to date!  We went to Dunns River Falls.  If you have never been to Dunn's River Falls you need to go as soon as possible!  You will climb the Falls with your group and feel the fresh air of Jamaica.  This excursion also included lunch that was delicious Jamaican Jerk Chicken and rice. 

Now, the best island is the Castaway Cay.  I understand I am biased towards Castaway Cay because of my love for Disney!  The island is owned by Disney and you can feel the magic throughout the island.  There is something for all ages to do on Castaway Cay!  There is a Castaway Family Beach, a "Hideout" for the teenagers, and Serenity  Bay for the adults!  There is so much you can do on this island such as Kayak, Parasailing, Bike Riding, Hikes, Castaway 5k, etc.  Lastly, there is available food similar to the Cabana on the ship.  They have subs in Cookies One and Too,  Barbecue in a few areas, and of course Eye Scream and Drinks included close by the buffet areas. 

Below is my favorite area of Castaway Cay:

A few other tips and tricks include:

1. Do not forget Pirate Night when you are going on a Disney Caribbean cruise.  I found this amazing crop tee at a thrift store and thought it would be perfect.  In your room the House Keeping will provide you with a Bandana with Mickey Pirates on them.  I used the Bandana as a headband.

Below I am pictured in my Pirate outfit for Pirate Night:

2. I suggest to always keep an eye for hidden Mickey's on Disney Cruises.  It is one of the most exciting parts of the cruise when you are walking around on the ship. 

Below is my favorite hidden Mickey I found outside of the Buena Vista Theatre:

3. Do not miss out on the movies that will be played throughout the trip.  You will always see classics and recent Disney films.  This trip I was able to see Cars 3, Spider-Man: Homecoming, and Pirates of the Caribbean: Dean Men Tell No Tells.  There are always movies being played on the Funnel Vision near the poolside. 

4. I suggest to always look at the Navigator given to you by your House Keeper.  It is a must do list of things to do throughout the ship.  It is full of movies, trivias, games, character meet ups, and much more! 

5.  Do not forget to have a great time!  Take time for yourself and relax!

I hope you all enjoyed my love for the Disney Cruise Line!  I strongly recommend Disney Cruise Line because of their dedication and hard work.  Thank you for reading and I hope your day is full of happiness!   

A little bit about myself:

I am a 23 year old college student at Southeastern University in Lakeland, Florida.  I am majoring in Organizational Leadership to one day work in a business to strengthen leadership in a company.  I live in Tampa, Florida where I have lived a majority of my life.  I have previously lived in Nebraska and Indiana so I have Midwest blood.  I love God, Family, Disney, Sports, and Style!  I am a Walt Disney World Annual Passholder which means I'm a Disney Addict (no shame).  If you want to know more about little ole me hop on over to my Insta: @waltmeetsmariah or my blog: Foreverconfident.com !  See ya there!