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My BIG Announcement


Happy Wednesday friends! I hope you all are having a great week so far! I have had the most magical week and it's only Wednesday, and there's so much more magic to come! If you missed my BIG announcement yesterday on Instagram here we go... 


I have accepted a content contributor position at POPSUGAR and I could not be more excited. When I started blogging five years ago I would have never thought that any of what I'm doing now would be possible, and yet here we are. You guys have been so supportive by reading, sharing, commenting, liking, and following along on this journey and I could never thank you enough. 


The good news is that this blog is going to stay exactly the same. I'll still be posting content here each Monday and Wednesday, but I'll also be able to post more over on my POPSUGAR page! 

I know this was a short post today, and I'll be back with more in depth posts next week about Dapper Day, Disney Dining, and new park things, but today I wanted to share my excitement with you guys! 

If you want to follow along on all of my adventures you can head over to Instagram and hit follow! 

Be Magical Today!