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Closing Down Main Street with Chase!

Hey you guys, it’s Chase and I’m very excited to be todays guest author on Mingling with Megan! If you guys love Disney photography you can catch me over on Instagram at @Imagineerinsta! So for today’s blog I’ll be giving you guys tips on how to close down the kingdom and how to get those perfect shots of an empty Main Street!

When me and Megan first met, we decided to close down Magic Kingdom to get some great photos for Instagram! Closing down the parks has always been one of favorite things to do and can be a little complicated at times. So it’s time I dish out some tips and tricks on how to be the last guests on Main Street U.S.A.

I want to start this post by saying most of the time the cast members are not too forceful on getting you out of the parks, however it is very important to listen to them. So when closing down Magic Kingdom there are really two techniques I use. The first, and the easiest, is to be the last guests to get on the seven dwarfs mine train. Because this ride always has a long wait the park will be pretty cleared out by the time you are done riding. Another technique would be to just sit and chill right in front of the castle stage. While this is a relaxing way to close down the parks you’re basically a sitting target for cast members to ask you to leave. As the night goes on and Fantasyland is shut down a guard or cast member will then start to walk with you back down Main Street. Now is the perfect time for pictures. Again, every cast member I’ve done this with has been completely fine with me stopping for pictures but it is very important that you listen to them. So as you slowly walk down Main Street with the other handful of guests, shoot away! Take empty pictures with the castle, the partners statue, and the leading lines of the trolley track running down Main Street! Again this is one of my favorite things to do and I wish you all the best of luck!!!

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