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My Top 10 Tips for First Time Visitors to Walt Disney World


Happy Monday, friends! I hope you all are having a great day so far and had a great weekend! I am super excited about this week because I'm finishing up my costume for Wine and Dine Half Marathon Weekend, and I'm starting to plan out my outfits for my trip to Walt Disney World next week with two of my favorite people in the world! This is far from my first trip to this magical place, but over the years I've been able to gather a ton of tips for friends and family who are going to Walt Disney World for the first time and I want to share those tips with you guys!


1. Try to stay on property! 

You don't have to stay somewhere fancy like the Grand Floridian, but staying on property does have it's perks, like complimentary transportation and those ever so coveted extra magic hours. One of my favorite value resorts is Pop Century and you can often get a room there for about $100 a night depending on the season. 


2. Unless you're eating every meal out in the parks, the dining plan isn't worth it. 

There are a lot of people who swear by the Disney Dining Plan, and I'm just not one of them. I do like that you essentially pre-pay for meals, but most people never use all of their credits, and end up bringing a huge bag of snacks home that could have been used on another table service meal. And honestly if you're eating three table service meals a day at Disney you're going to be so full by day two of you're trip you won't want to eat ever again. 


3. Be nice to ALL Cast Members!

Cast Members are the people who bring the magic to life in the Disney Parks! Honestly, they have a really difficult job and see and talk to thousands of people a day. Be nice to them all of the time, please. 


4. Go back to your room for a mid-day nap.

It might seem counter-intuitive on your first trip to Walt Disney World to go back to your room in the middle of the day for a nap, but that nap is going to help you keep going and help you have a better vacation. If you've never been to Florida, it gets VERY hot here, and it rains A LOT! That mid-day nap is going to recharge you from the morning, and give you the much needed rest for those late nights at Magic Kingdom.


5. Go in with a somewhat plan!

There are many times I see guests trying to "wing it" at a Disney Park and the parks don't function on winging it any more. You have to at least plan part of your day, whether that's a dining reservation, or reserving some fast passes for those top-tier rides like Flight of Passage.


6. Don't plan everything.

You still want to have time to relax and not have every moment of every day planned out. Disney is known for creating magic, and when you plan every moment of your day, you can't plan for magic. 


7. Get a first visit button!

Any shop on Main Street at Magic Kingdom, Guest Relations at any park, or the front desk at your resort has FREE pin-back buttons that have Mickey and the gang on them saying 1st Visit! You definitely need one. 

8. Consider buying an annual pass.

If you think you're going to be making a second trip back to Walt Disney World within 12 months, you really should price out an annual pass compared to day passes to Walt Disney World. Many times people actually save money buying an annual pass and end up going back to the parks more, than if they just buy day passes. 


9. Water is free at all quick service and Starbucks locations throughout the resort. 

Never pay $3.50 or whatever it is now for a bottle of water, when you can get free water at any quick service food location or Starbucks at Walt Disney World. Simply go up to the counter and ask, or if it's a really hot day they will have water coolers with cups outside of the restaurants. 

10. HAVE FUN! 

Remember, this is vacation, and yeah you probably spent a lot of money on it and endless hours planning, but it's time to have fun! You are at the Most Magical Place on Earth!


Do you have any tips for first time visitors to Walt Disney World? Leave them in the comments! Also be sure to follow me on Instagram to keep up with all of my Disney Adventures! 

Be Magical Today,