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Dining on a Disney Cruise


Happy Monday, friends! I hope you guys are had a great weekend! I was able to go to my first NFL playoff game and it was so awesome to see my hometown team, the Jacksonville Jaguars, win and move on the the next round of the playoffs! My city is electric right now and I've never seen Everbank Stadium so hyped before! 

Today I am so excited to share with you guys all about dining on a Disney Cruise! If you've been around for the past month or so, you know that my family and I went on a Very Merrytime Cruise on the Disney Magic in December. One of the best parts about a Disney Cruise is the food! If you think about how good the food at the Disney Parks are, then put all of that on a ship and are able to eat as much of it as you want, then that's dining on a Disney Cruise! One of the best things about dining on a Disney Cruise is the main dining rooms. On the Disney Magic there are three main dining rooms, Animator's Palate, Carioca's, and Luimere's.

The great part about a Disney Cruise is that you get to eat in all three of these dining rooms on rotational dining. Your waitstaff also rotates around with you, so they really get to know you and what you might like off the menu, along with just getting to know you and your family. 

Animator's Palate is my favorite because the dining room is so interactive during dinner, and the art on the walls changes from black and white to full color. Right before dessert Sorcerer Mickey comes out and parades through the restaurant with the waitstaff to the Fantasmic finale music. My heart literally could not handle it, and I was not prepared for the amount of feelings I had before dessert. Every Disney Cruise ship has a version of Animator's Palate, but they all aren't exactly the same.


Luimere's is a French-style restaurant themed after Beauty and the Beast. This is my second favorite main dining room because the food is awesome, and the theming inside is really beautiful. If you've ever sat in the ballroom or the music box room at Be Our Guest at Magic Kingdom and loved the feel of that, you're going to love Luimere's. The best part of the menu at Luimere's is the appetizers. Everything was so good, and I could have gone with just appetizers for dinner and not had any main entree and been fine. 


If I'm being honest, Carioca's was okay. That restaurant was on the Disney Wonder as well, and it wasn't our favorite there either. I don't want to spend too much time on it because when the Magic goes into dry-dock next month to re-theme Carioca's into a Tangled themed restaurant! 


There are also a ton of quick service counters around the ship, including a pizza window, kebabs, salads and sandwiches, and ice cream! If you were around any of the bars at just the right time during the day they would also set out snacks. 

Well friends, that's it for today! If you've been on a Disney Cruise let me know your favorite main dining room in the comments. Be sure to follow me on Instagram to keep up with all of my Disney adventures!

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