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Should You REALLY Buy An Annual Pass for Disney?


Happy Monday, friends! I hope you all are having a great day so far! There's one question I get a lot on Instagram and it's, "How do you afford an annual pass?" or "Do you think an annual pass is WORTH IT?" So today I'm going to be letting you guys in on my secret to affording an annual pass on a budget and a little test to see if you should be buying one. 

My family, which is my parent and I, all have an annual pass. We have the Florida Resident Gold Pass, which means we are blacked out from going into the parks the two weeks around Easter, and the two weeks around Christmas. And if I'm being honest, we don't want to be there during those times, it's WAY to busy! This level of pass is $589, which is definitely a lot and I totally get that! But here's how we afford this, we use Disney's payment plan option. So each month we pay right over $41 for our pass, which is much more doable that a huge chunk of money all at one time. The Gold Pass also includes all Photopass photos you might take as a free download, which for us is a great bonus, since I run all of the runDisney races, and my family likes to take photos. The Gold Pass is available to Florida Residents and Disney Vacation Club Members. 


In the past my family used have the Silver Pass, which meant we were blacked out all of summer, the two weeks around Easter, and the two weeks around Christmas. This pass also worked well for us. You don't get your Photopass photos, but you still get all of the AP discounts. This pass cost a total of $439, but on the payment plan it's right over $28 a month. If you're on more of a budget this one might be fore you. This pass is only available to Florida residents. 

The payment plan is how we justify the price of our annual passes, otherwise we would not have them. Each level of pass comes with a payment plan, but if you live out of state the prices are much more.


Now how about you? Is a Walt Disney World Annual Pass good for you? This is the test!

Are you going to the parks for more than seven days in a calendar year?

Do you like to eat at the parks and resorts?

Does your family typically bring home merchandise?

Do you go to any of the themed parties? 

If you answered yes to the first question, plus more then you would want to look into getting an annual pass. The top level pass that includes admission to all four parks, free parking, no blackout dates, Photopass downloads, and other discounts is $729. A 7-Day park hopper ticket for one person is $490. For $239 more you can go for another 7 days in the same calendar year, not have to buy more tickets and you get some great perks! You get 10% off most dining and merchandise, which doesn't seem like a lot but it adds up quickly. You also get a discount on any Halloween parties, Christmas parties, or other hard ticket events you want to go to. And there are special pass holder events held throughout the year! You definitely need to price it out for you and your family, but the savings does add up and if you're willing to move your yearly vacation around a little each year an annual pass might be for you. 

Well friends, that's it for today! If you have any questions about annual passes for Walt Disney World I will be happy to answer them here or on Instagram! 

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