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The Newest runDisney Race in Our Galaxy is Here!


Happy Thursday, friends! It's freezing here in Florida, and while it didn't snow where I did yesterday, it did snow in our state, which is a pretty big deal! I spent the day inside working and watching Marvel movies. While I was stuck inside, runDisney decided it was a great day to surprise all of us with a new runDisney event, and if you missed the announcement, I have all of the details! 

We all know that the runDisney events in California were canceled this year, which meant that many of us runners would not be getting the coveted challenge medals, or Coast to Coast medals, but it seems that runDisney has come up with a pretty good compromise. To take the place of the Star Wars Light Side Half Marathon that would have taken place in Anaheim in just a few weeks, runners can sign up for a virtual half marathon where the medal is Star Wars themed. 

Many of us were hoping to take part in the Kessel Run Challenge, where you do both Star Wars Half Marathons, and runDisney even has a solution for that. If you sign up for the virtual race, but as a Kessel Run Challenger, meaning you have already or are planning to sign up for the Star Wars Dark Side Half Marathon, you can still get your Kessel Run Challenge Medal! 

You can purchase just the virtual half marathon or just the Kessel Run Challenge, or bundle your virtual half with the Star Wars Dark Side Half Marathon if you haven't already registered for the Dark Side Half Marathon. The cost of the Star Wars Virtual Half Marathon is $59, ad the cost of the Kessel Run Challenge is $69, the bundles are more and prices are listed on the runDisney website! 


I, for one, am super excited about being able to get my Kessel Run Challenge medal, along with three other medals during Star Wars Dark Side Half Marathon Weekend! If you register for any of these events be sure to let me know in the comments! Also be sure to follow me on Instagram to keep up with all of my Disney adventures.

Be magical today!