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Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party Tips and Tricks


Happy Wednesday, friends! I hope you all are having a great week! I love that Fall is finally here, well in theory at least, because it's still dang hot in Florida, but it's all over Magic Kingdom! There are so many of you guys going to Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party in the next two months, that I wanted to share my tips and tricks to having a great time at the party, and not really wasting any of the precious time you have there! 

All of Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Parties start at 7:00, but with your party ticket you can enter Magic Kingdom starting at 4:00. I would highly suggest being there at 4:00. You get a few extra hours in the parks to get the lay of the land, find out where characters you might want to meet are, or just grab a bite to eat before the party starts. This is also a great time to make a fastpass or two because you can't get any fastpasses during the party, but usually the lines are pretty short after about 7:30 for rides. 


As you enter Magic Kingdom you will be funneled through what I call the Main Street "Back Alley." It's the bypass that helps traffic flow from the front of Main Street by Tony's to the end of Main Street by the Tomorrowland Terrace and The Plaza Restaurant. Here you'll have the opportunity for a few photopass pictures, and get your candy bags for trick-or-treating. 


Speaking of trick-or-treating, don't do it early in the party. It's a waste of time, and the lines are long. Each candy stop pretty much has the same mix of candy, so what I would suggest doing is waiting until about 11:30-12:00 to get candy. Most of the time you'll only have to go through two or three lines, depending on how many stations are in one line, to get your bag full. I've done this method many times, and gotten my bag filled to the top each time with no wait. This year at the party, the places with the most candy stops are Fantasyland and Adventureland, both with three stops. We did all three in Adventureland and got our bag full about 3/4 of the way on one stop at The Enchanted Tiki Room since they had four stations! 

You're definitely going to want to get a good spot for the Boo To You parade and HalloWishes! There are two runs of Boo To You, but know that they can be modified or canceled all together if the weather is not good. I typically watch the first parade from the spot I want to watch HalloWishes from so I don't have to scramble for a new spot. A few of my favorite double duty spots are anywhere in Liberty Square, at the end of Main Street USA by the Train Station, or Main Street on the Tomorrowland side by the bridge into Tomorrowland. If crowds aren't your thing, then I would suggest watching Boo To You from Liberty Square, then walking up past the Tangled restroom area and watching HalloWishes from Fantasyland. These fireworks are so good, and not to be missed, but unlike Happily Ever After, they don't have intricate castle projections so you really can watch from anywhere in the park for a great view!


The Hocus Pocus Villain Spectacular is a fun show to watch, and there are three different showings of it throughout the night! As with Boo To You and HalloWishes, the times can be altered due to weather. I would suggest watching the first, or last one. The first one is at 8:15, the middle one is at 10:45, and the last one is at 12:00. The first one is going to be the busiest, but if you aren't going to watch Boo To You or HalloWishes from Main Street then this is a good one to get to in case of bad weather later in the night. The midnight one is usually the least busy, but sometimes gets rained out, especially in September and early October parties.


Well friends, I hope this helps out your party planning a little bit better! If you're wondering about characters, check out this blog all about tips for MNSSHP character meets! If you have questions let me know in the comments! Be sure to follow me on Instagram to keep up with all of the Disney fun happening this Fall!

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