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DIY Disney Halloween Costume: Kuzko


Happy Thursday, friends! I know I usually post on Monday and Wednesday but Florida was hugely impacted by Hurricane Irma this week, and my city was one of the ones that was impacted pretty hard. But I still was able to find a Starbucks that's open with wifi to bring you some magic today! So many of you have seen my Mickey's No So Scary Halloween Party costume over on Instagram , and asked how I did it, so today I'm going to be telling you guys exactly how to make this Kuzko DIY costume, and friends, it's under $20, and super easy to do! 

First off, I bought the tutu from the Target Halloween section last year, but every year they usually have standard colors like red, black, and a few others. I prefer to buy my tutus rather than make them because I know they will last longer and I know the for $20 I won't be able to get all the tulle I need from the fabric store. I've also thought about using this tutu for a few runDisney events I have coming up, so if you're into that as well, buying is definitely the way to go. I also bought the red t-shirt. I got the biggest size I could because Kukzo's outfit isn't tight, and it's meant to look more loose. Also, comfort is key at these parties, so the bigger shirt was a great idea.

For the gold around the sleeves of my shirt, I found some gold sequin ribbon in the discount bin at Michaels, so I hot glued those on both sides. The yellow piece of the shirt is actually a foam sheet. I think it would be better with felt, but I couldn't find any. I measured around the neck of the shirt, then out the neck part. I then drew two diagonal lines down both sides of the foam and made a rough shape. When I got the exact shape I wanted I hot glued this on as well. 

For the crown, painted the back side a white paper plate yellow, then folded it in half so the yellow part was up. Then I cut two small holes in it, about four inches from each other along the seam. Through those holes I put a yellow headband through and made that an easy head piece with things I already had laying around my house. 


This costume was so fun to wear to the party! My mom was Yzma and Cast Members and other guests were so into it, and honestly it was such an easy costume to throw together! 

If you guys are going to Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party this year, let me know in the comments what you're going as. Also, be sure to follow me on Instagram to keep up with all of my Disney adventures! 

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