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What's in my Disney Backpack

One of the questions I get asked the most on Instagram is what do I carry in my Disney backpack?! Well, today I'm going to let you guys in on the secrets of packing the perfect Disney bag! My backpack is a Vera Bradley backpack that is no longer sold, but you can get similar ones around the parks still. The reason I chose this particular one was because of how big the compartments are, and the material the actual bag is made from. It is made from a material similar to rain jacket material so when it does inevitably rain at the parks, everything inside stays dry, and my bag doesn't take hours to dry out. 

This backpack has two side compartments. These hold my phone, whatever lipstick I'm wearing that day, and sunglasses for easy access. The smallest pocket is where I carry all of my external phone chargers. I usually carry two or three depending on how long I think I'm going to be at the parks on a certain day, and how much I think I'm going to actually be using my phone. 

Right now I don't utilize the medium sized compartment, because honestly there's really not a lot of space in there, and I think it's kind of a waste. Everything else I might need for the day goes into the main compartment of my backpack. That means my pen case with extra hair ties, a droid part for jawa trades, and a pen if I need to sign something like a bill from dinner. I also keep another pouch for all of the buttons and trading pins I'm bringing on a trip in this compartment. I get all of my buttons from Parkbound Buttons, and my pins are either from the parks, or from The Mermaid Harp. Since these things are relatively small, I like to keep them all condensed in one spot. 

We all know that it's probably going to rain on our trip so I like to keep a few throw-away ponchos in my backpack as well. These are the super cheap ones from Target that are $1, and they just stay in my backpack until they get used. If I know it's definitely going to rain then I bring my actual rain jacket. I usually try to have a few snacks in my backpack because you never know when hunger is going to strike and you're in a two hour line for Flight of Passage. I typically bring goldfish because everyone likes goldfish so it's easy to share, and it's mess-free.

I like to go as easy as possible in the parks, but to me a backpack is necessary! You never know what you may need or what the day is going to bring. Let me know in the comments if you bring a backpack into the parks, of if you take something else, or not anything at all! Also, be sure to follow me on Instagram to keep up with all of my Disney adventures! 

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