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Goodbye 24.

It's almost time for another birthday, and I know what you're probably thinking! "I distinctly remember, your birthday was last year." Well friends, that's the funny thing about birthday's their kind of an annual thing! (If you don't know where this is from we probably can't be friends.) 24 has brought a massive change in life, and so many blessings. I did things I would have never thought possible. I dreamed big dreams. I've met new friends. I've been on so many adventures, and I want to say thank you to everyone who was a part of this year! 

24 was the year I learned perseverance and determination, in more ways than one. It took almost a year and a half after college to find a job that I love. I am now a publicist for a small company. I love my job, and I love that it gives me the freedom to still be adventurous and explore the world. I love that my boss sees me as an equal and not as someone to walk all over. I love that through the hundreds of jobs I applied for after college, the one I'm at came about because I worked as an intern for my boss about a year before. (College kids, be nice to your intern supervisors! It might just land you that dream job!) I would have never thought in college that this is what I would be doing. I worked my whole college career to work in sports. I did seven sports internships, and now I don't do anything in sports at all. But I wouldn't have it any other way. 

Perseverance also came in the form of running. 24 was the year I challenged myself like never before by completing eight runDisney events! And two in one weekend! I would have never considered myself a runner, but now I do, and have already registered for two events for my 25th year! The thing about running is it's all a mental game. You can keep going, but when your brain tells you that you can't, or that you're tired, you have to push through that, and that's honestly the hardest part. 

I've met so many amazing friends this year, and that's because I found myself fully integrated in the Disney Instagram community. I found a community that accepts everyone no matter what they believe, the color of their skin,  or where they live. This community means so much to me, and I love being part of it. When I head to the parks I know I can count on people being there and knowing I have friends around every corner. I know that I can send out a message asking for help, and I'll get tons of responses, and I know that if all else fails, these people have my back.

24 was the year I found out that your more than what someone says you are. Words can be hurtful, but we have to put the past behind us. My family and friends saw me at my worst this year, and they also saw me at my best. And I am beyond blessed with the best friends and family around. 

In the coming year I have a few goals. One of them is to run the Coast the Coast challenge with runDisney, even though I said I would never run another half marathon after my first one. And I'm already half way there after signing up. (Which if you don't know, is really the hardest part of any runDisney event.) Another is to go to a media event for the Disney Parks. Who knows what other big dreams are out there, but I'm sure 25 is going to be amazing! 

Friends, I am so thankful for you! I hope you have the best week, and I'll see ya real soon! 

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