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Top 10 Ways to Beat the Heat at Walt Disney World

Ya'll it's the end of May, and let me just tell you that if you're headed to a Disney park soon (especially Animal Kingdom) you're going to want to listen up! It's dang hot outside, and sometimes you just need to cool off and get out of the sun for a second to keep going. You know that feeling where you think you're actually melting, and you'll do anything for water or a Dole Whip? It's that season. So today I'm giving you my top ten ways to beat the heat at Walt Disney World!

1. The People Mover: Magic Kingdom

You guys might know that The People Mover is one of my favorite rides at Magic Kingdom. I love that it's relatively long for a ride, you get great views of Tomorrowland and Main Street USA, and you get to sit. The breeze that goes by is so nice on a hot day, and the air conditioning from going inside Space Mountain is a major plus! This ride used to never have a line, but it's gotten VERY popular lately. I think part of it is the awesome Meet Me At The People Mover tees from The Main Street Press, but that's just me. 


2. Hall of Presidents: Magic Kingdom

Currently this attraction is closed for refurbishment, but if it wasn't and it was blazing hot outside I would definitely send everyone I knew into The Hall of Presidents to cool down. The pre-show room is air conditioned with benches, or you can sit on the floor. Then the actual show room has a theater-style set-up so it's very easy to take a nap in and re-energize for about 15 minutes. 

3. Living With The Land: Epcot

Living With The Land is easily one of my favorite rides at Epcot and can be found in the Land Pavilion in Future World. I don't think there's anything more relaxing than riding these boats through different ecosystems and the greenhouses of Epcot. This ride does tend to get a long line, so I would suggest getting a fastpass for it if you are wanting to do it in the middle of the day. 

4. The American Adventure: Epcot

Another fantastic nap/ chill spot is the American Adventure. Many people love going into this building because of the rotunda and the Voices of Liberty who perform beautifully before each showing of The American Adventure. This is a great spot to sit on the cold tile floor, recharge any phones that might have died (there are a few outlets in the walls) and listen to some of America's favorite songs. The show inside of the theater is another great nap spot to stop and recharge for a few minutes as you continue your journey around World Showcase. 

5. Ellen's Universe of Energy: Epcot

I feel like we can't talk about spots to beat the heat at Epcot without talking about Ellen's Universe of Energy. Yes, there are rumors of this closing to make way for something else, but this classic ride is a great spot to sit for 30 minutes, hear some great puns from Ellen Degeneres and Bill Nye the Science Guy, and see dinosaurs! Really, what more could you want?!

6. Star Wars Launch Bay: Hollywood Studios

While Hollywood Studios might seem like the park no one wants to go to right now, there are still some MAJOR gems here that are not to be missed. One of those is the Star Wars Launch Bay. This completely inside area is a great place to get out of the sun for a while and explore, especially if you or someone in your family is a Star Wars fan. One of my favorite things to do here is trade with the Jawas. They are so fun and interactive, and as much as I go to the Launch Bay they always seem to remember me and my family. 

7. Beauty and the Beast Live on Stage: Hollywood Studios

In all honesty, Beauty and the Beast Live on Stage gives me all kinds of feels, and I love this show more than I probably should. This is a great place to grab a seat in the shade, bring in your ice cream from across the street (snacks are allowed inside the theater) and chill out while you watch one of Disney's most beloved stories unfold.

8. Festival of the Lion King: Animal Kingdom

Another show that's high-priority no matter the weather is Festival of the Lion King at Animal Kingdom. You're going to want to get a fastpass for this because each show ALWAYS fills up. This theater is beautiful, the show is awe-inspiring, and most of all the magic of air conditioning lives inside! 


9. Nomad Lounge: Animal Kingdom

Sometimes you just want to cool down with an adult beverage and not be entertained by anything, but just relax. That's where Nomad Lounge comes in. This bar has some of the best drinks at Walt Disney World, and it's located right next to the bridge to Pandora: World of Avatar. There is indoor and outdoor seating, but let's be honest here, we all want to sit inside when it's about 103 degrees with 97 percent humidity. 

10.  Nap Time: Your Disney Resort

Going back to your resort in the middle of the day to take a nap is one of my highest suggestions I can give to anyone going to a Disney Park in the summer. That mid-day break will make you feel like a whole new person! Getting away from the crowds, laying down, cooling off, and changing into a new tee shirt is like hitting the jackpot in the summer. 

Honorable Mention: La Cava Del Tequila: Epcot

I cannot talk about my favorite/ best places to beat the heat without talking about La Cava Del Tequila in the Mexico Pavilion at Epcot. But no one ever has a top 11 list, so here it is as an honorable mention, even though it's more than honorable. This tiny and I do mean tiny tequila bar is inside of the pyramid in Mexico and serves up fantastic margaritas, and snacks. If you sit at a table and hang out for a while, be sure to ask your waiter for a phone charger. They are free to use at the bar, and are compliments of the staff for guests. 

Well friends, if you're going to the Disney Parks any time during the hotter months, I hope this list helps you beat the heat! Let me know in the comments what your favorite ways to beat the heat at the Disney Parks are. 

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