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Small Shops With a Big Mission

There's something really special about supporting a small business, but there's something EXTRA special when that small business is doing something to help others! There are a lot of small shops out there, and I would ONLY ever recommend ones to you guys that I have either shopped from myself, or have had friends shop from and they love! The four shops I'm going to be talking about I've mentioned many times before, but they are doing awesome things. Each one of these shops are donating either part, or all, of the proceeds of something they sell to a charity to help better the lives of others. 

1. Lost Bro's Trading Co

If you don't already know who Lost Bros Trading Co is you probably have been living under a rock for the past few months. They have blown up the Disney scene and they continue to kill each shirt design they come out with. Their latest design is in collaboration with the people who run The Purple Wall Instagram account. If you don't know what the Purple Wall is, you will after this shirt launches! Part of the proceeds from the sales of this new shirt is going to be donated to Give Kids the World Village in Kissimmee. This is a resort for children with illnesses and diseases, and their families, where they can get access to free donated theme park tickets! And since we all love Disney so much, why wouldn't we want to help out these kids?!

The Purple Wall tees are launching from Lost Bros Trading Co on April 3. Be sure to be online right when they go on sale, because they will go quickly! 


2. Parkbound Buttons

Is it really a Mingling With Mickey merch post if we aren't talking about Parkbound Buttons?! I don't think so. You guys know I love Casey and her adorable buttons for park days! One of her buttons is really special though because all of the money made from her #ORLANDOSTRONG button Equality Florida's "Honor  Them With Action Fund" #Forthe49, for the Orlando Pulse Nightclub victims. Their stories are important and we need to continue to tell them. 


3. Lillian and Co

Lillian and Co bangles are some of my favorite accessories to add a little but of Disney magic to my everyday life. There's nothing better than wearing a bangle that says "Do As Dreamers Do" or "Best Day Ever" to remind you that you are important, and your dreams are valid. One of Matt and Charity's newest bangles is "It's Kind of Fun to do the Impossible" which is a quote direct from Walt himself. They have partnered with Exceptional Care for Children, which is Delaware's first and only residential pediatric skilled nursing facility where nothing is impossible. 20% of every sale from this bangle is going directly to Exceptional Care for Children! How awesome is that?! 

Lillian and Co bangles tend to sell out quickly, so it's best to sign up for their newsletter so you know when new designs are coming out so you can get them quickly. 

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4. Once Upon a Mickey Tee

Once Upon a Mickey Tee is one of my favorite shirt shops! They recently launched a new design featuring Marie from The Aristocats! Can we all just agree that Marie is the sassiest little cat ever? Anyways, half of the profits from their "Cat Lady" tees go directly to The Charleston Animal Society! If you're like me then you love animals and this tee speaks to your inner sassy cat.

Friends, supporting small shops is my favorite thing, and I love when they support their community! If you know of any other small shops that are doing big things in their community let me know in the comments! 

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