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Happy Birthday, Mom!

Today is a VERY big day, Pascal! Today is my mom's birthday!!! You know the funny thing about birthdays? Their kind of an annual thing. (Yes, I just semi-quoted a lot of Tangled!) If you guys don't know, this is my mom, and she's pretty spectacular! My mom is my Disney buddy, the person I go to when life seems to be falling apart, and the person I celebrate with first when life gives a big win!

My mom is the one who pushes me to be my best self, and the one who lets me explore new things. The latest exploration has been cooking, and some things have been successful, and others we've had to get pizza instead that night. She was the one who has been there when I started my Etsy shop, and the one who was there when I started my blog, and the one who was there when I started my first "real" job. 

When it comes to encouragement and life talks, my mom is the best! She sees all sides and while she doesn't ever tell me what to do, she does help me work through what seems to be, at the time, a pivot point.

This is the lady who is constantly behind the screen of my phone taking pictures of me at Disney, and does so with a smile and love. All of those pictures on Instagram of a #DisneyStyle post were probably taken by her. 

Happy Birthday, Mom! You are the very best and I love you so much! Here's to eating lots of cake, wearing a birthday button, and throwing around confetti! 


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