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Best Lunch Spots at Walt Disney World

Happy Monday friends! I hope you all had a great weekend! Today I'm continuing on my series of best places to eat at Walt Disney World, and today we are covering lunch! There are limitless opportunities for lunch at Walt Disney World, from snack lunches, to buffets, to fine dining experiences. 

Casey's Corner: Magic Kingdom

If you've been around for any amount of time, or checked out my Instagram, it will come as no surprise that Casey's is on my list. I love that Casey's is right at the end of Main Street USA so it's easy to get to the hub grass, and Casey's has one of my favorite snack lunches at Disney- corn dog nuggets! Casey's is usually ALWAYS busy, but especially at lunch, so I would suggest going a little after the prime lunch hours of 12:00-2:00 if you can. I get corn dog nuggets with fries and a Sprite to drink. There's nothing better on a hot day than Sprite to drink. Grab your corn dog nuggets, head to the hub grass and relax while Mickey's Royal Friendship Faire is happening and that friends is the perfect lunch.

Be Our Guest: Magic Kingdom

Be Our Guest is one of the most coveted Magic Kingdom reservations right now! The restaurant is Beauty and the Beast themed, and guests sit inside of Beast's Castle. For lunch you will want to get a reservation even though they are not technically required. For lunch you order at a register and get a table tracking device and your food is brought out to you. I love the braised short ribs, and the croque monsieur! You really can't go wrong with either. 

I know this question is going to be asked so here it is: Beast ONLY meets at dinner. If you want to meet Beast on your Disney vacation try to make a dinner reservation at Be Our Guest. This is the only place at Walt Disney World that you will be able to meet him.

Crystal Palace: Magic Kingdom

Whenever I think of character buffets I actually want to go to Crystal Palace is what comes to mind first. I love the look of Crystal Palace, the food is always good, and you get to see everyone's favorite bear- Pooh (and all of his Hundred Acre Wood friends)! I love the variety on this buffet, and for lunch they have a really great citrus marinated flank steak that I could literally eat the whole steak if they would let me. You're going to want to get reservations for this popular restaurant as well, but if you decide day-of you want to dine here, they usually have a few tables available for walk-up. Just be sure to go there first thing when the park opens to check! There is a check-in window right outside of the entry doors and there is usually a Cast Member there to help with questions. 

Harambe Market: Animal Kingdom

Animal Kingdom is probably the park that I visit the least, but the park that has some of the best food! Harambe Market, located in the Africa area of the park, has some of the best shareable lunch options! The braised ribs from the Chef Mwanga stand (the third one down, closest to the fence) are the best sharable option! They are massive shank ribs, with a really flavorful rub on them and they fall of the bone when they are done. The meal comes with green papaya slaw, and black-eyed pea salad. I usually swap out the black-eyed peas for kids apple slices. 

Homecoming: Disney Springs

If you haven't been to Disney Springs since it's been totally transformed from Downtown Disney you have to go check it out, and while you're there you should have lunch at Homecoming Florida Kitchen. This restaurant is owned by Chef Art Smith, who used to work as a private chef for Oprah, so you know the food is going to be good! They make everything fresh to order, which means no soggy fried chicken! As I continue to go back to Homecoming, I continue to try new things, but the one thing I love the most is the fried chicken sandwich, which has a really great white sauce on it, and it comes with homemade chips. I put some of Chef Art's homemade hot sauce on everything. It's not extra spicy, but just has a really nice pepper taste. You do not need to have a reservation to dine here, and I would highly suggest sitting at the bar if you aren't taking kids! The bartenders at Homecoming are so fun and really knowledgeable about the menu.

Friends, I think by now you might have noticed that I didn't mention anywhere at Epcot or Hollywood Studios on my list. Why is that? At Epcot I'm more of a grazer than a sit down and eat lunch person. If I'm hungry I get a little snack, and keep doing that so I can eat more all day because after all, Epcot is the land of yums! As for Hollywood Studios, there isn't a place there right now that I would classify as "the best" when other parks and Disney Springs have really great restaurants.

So, if you love any of the places on my list, or have somewhere you think I should try, let me know in the comments.

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