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Preparing for Princess Half Marathon Weekend!

This week is Princess Half Marathon Weekend and I am so excited! This year is going to be my fifth year running princess, and my third Princess 10K! I love runDisney, and have been so lucky to share that love with so many people in the Disney community. If you're still wondering what this whole thing is about let me share a little bit about what happens on a runDisney weekend.

Thousands of runners from all over the world come to Walt Disney World to participate in this event. There are three main races, a 5K, 10K and half marathon, and each year the race is themed around a different Disney Princess. Last year, PHM was themed around The Little Mermaid. This year it's themed around Belle from Beauty and the Beast, which is perfect timing for the new live action Beauty and the Beast film coming out in March! 

One of my favorite things about PHM is that I get to see a lot of my Disney friends I don't get to see any other time of the year, or just a few times a year because of our love of Disney and our love of running. The atmosphere at one of the runDisney events is like no other! There's something really special about being able to get up before the sun and run through Epcot, or Magic Kingdom (depending on the race you signed up for). 

In my preparations this year, I decided I wanted to make my own costume, so I could customize it as much as I wanted to! That's a huge thing at runDisney races: costumes! At previous runDisney races I've done Captain Phasma, Ariel, and Rapunzel. This year I'm going as my favorite Brave princess, Merida! You see all types of costumes at the races. Everything from a simple tutu and t-shirt, to full on cosplay type costumes. There are rules about the types of costumes you can wear, so just check the runDisney website for that list before you get to the race!

My biggest tip for any runDisney race is just have fun! You're at Walt Disney World for goodness sakes! This race is not worth a million dollars, and if you are in anything but the elite or A corral, you probably wont be getting a personal best for these races. There are so many people, and at times the course can get vary narrow. So be patient, and take it all in. Stop for pictures of the sunrise over Spaceship Earth! Stop just to take a selfie at each mile marker to say you made it another mile. Friends, you're already beating the people still sleeping in their hotel rooms! 

Every runDisney race has on-course entertainment, and it's awesome! In previous years, I've stopped to take pictures with Geppetto and Pinocchio, Lumiere and Cogsworth, and a whole crew of villains! This year I'm hoping Merida is one of the princesses out on the course so I can get a picture with her, dresses as her! There are also special characters at the pre-race party on race day. If you're staying at Disney resort, the bus will drop you off at a literal dance party that seems to have been going all night! There's a DJ, coffee and water being poured (because it's WAY to early to function like a real adult), and characters! This time is really fun just to hang out with friends, and other runners, take pre-race photos, and get ready for the fun ahead. 

I can't wait for this weekend, and I'm hoping to see some of you guys out there! Let me know in the comments if you're running a runDisney race soon.

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