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Wine and Dine Half Marathon Weekend Review


Happy Wednesday, friends! I hope you're having a great week so far! I know that we've talked a lot about runDisney the past few posts, so today is the last one until next year. I did want to give you all a review about the Wine and Dine Half Marathon Weekend this year because there were some major improvements from last year, and even the last runDisney event at Walt Disney World, and things I think they could still improve upon. 

The first thing I loved that was changed was how the expo was run. You always have to pick your bib with your race number up first thing, and that started at 10:00 Thursday and Friday morning. Now usually you have to go into a different building to get your race shirt (which you still did) and get any race themed merchandise that you wanted. All of this was also in the same building that the expo vendors were in so it made for a very tight and busy area. This race, Disney moved the official race merchandise into the building where you picked up your bib, but in a different room, which was so nice! You could actually see everything, and you weren't swarmed with people all around you. 


Usually I hate going to the expo, and I would pay an extra $30 for Disney to deliver my bib, race shirt, and anything else I might have pre-ordered to my resort so I don't have to go to the expo, but for Wine and Dine it was actually enjoyable. So hopefully they keep this format for future races. 

I only did the 10K this race, so I can only comment on that race course, and I hated it. If you ran Star Wars Dark Side 10K you ran the same course. The problem for me is that over half of the course is outside of the parks/ resorts area and on major highways. I miss photopass being at the beginning of a race before I look like a hot mess. We didn't even enter a park, Hollywood Studios, until about mile 4. 

We ran through Hollywood Studios, down the walking path from Hollywood Studios to Boardwalk, then into Epcot. That walking path is not a good area. People were stopping off the edge to take photos making everyone behind them slow down significantly or stop all together, and people were tripping on the construction scrim barricades Disney put up while they work on the Hollywood Studios parking lot. 

What I loved most about this year's event was the medals! They were all so creative and unlike anything that Disney has put out for race medals before! I'm hoping there's a redesign of the Princess Half Marathon Weekend medals after the ones for Wine and Dine looked so good!


Friends, that's it for this week! If you're planning on running a runDisney event soon, let me know in the comments! Also be sure to follow me on Instagram so you can follow all of my Disney adventures!

Be magical today!