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Boma Breakfast Review


Happy Monday, friends! I hope you all are having a great day so far and had a great weekend! There's something really special about the start of a new week filled with endless possibilities. But before those endless possibilities can start you're going to need to fuel up with some breakfast. One of my favorite spots at Walt Disney World to have breakfast is Boma at Animal Kingdom Lodge. Right when you walk into the resort you can smell all the delicious food coming from the restaurant on the floor below, and it sure smells good! 

You'll be taken to your table and your waiter or waitress will bring you some delicious strong coffee, and some "jungle juice." If you've ever been to Kona Cafe, or Trail's End, it's the same juice they have there, but still delicious. The real star of Boma is the buffet, and all of the options! 


You'll start your buffet journey at a carving station where there is always ham, and either turkey or corned beef. ALWAYS GET THE HAM! It's so good, and I crave this ham some mornings when I'm not at the parks. There are also other items from the grill, like grilled tomatoes and asparagus. Another star of the carving station, and my favorite Boma item is the corned beef casserole. It's essentially corn bread with potatoes, and corned beef on the bottom but it's so good! 

The next area is considered the "kids meal" area as it usually has scrambled eggs, Simba waffles, bacon, sausage, and tater-tots. There's also fried plantains here. If you've never had fried plantains, it's kind of like the texture of a banana with a crispy edge, and super sweet! Then you'll move to the adult egg area, with scrambled eggs that have spinach and goat cheese, usually a few other casserole type items, and a create your own omelet station where a Boma chef will make to-order eggs for you. Then there's a salad bar, which has one of my favorite salads in the world- spinach and fried quinoa! And last is the yogurt and pastry area. Boma makes their own Nutella, and it's not nearly as sweet as traditional Nutella which I love on their banana bread!


With the huge selection and being able to go back up to the buffet as many times as you want, I can't imagine anyone walking out of Boma disappointed. Breakfast at Boma with coffee and juice is about $27 a person. I'm a major fan of having options, so Boma is always a win in my book. My family and I have this restaurant in our dining rotation at Disney for once every few months and have never walked away feeling like we had a bad meal or experience. I would highly recommend Boma to anyone who is looking for a new breakfast, or dinner because it's great for dinner as well, spot!

Well friends, that's it for today! Let me know in the comments if you've ever been to Boma for breakfast and if you enjoyed it. Also be sure to follow me on Instagram to see all of my Disney adventures!

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