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Underrated Things to do at Walt Disney World

There's nothing underrated about ice cream, but when it's at Walt Disney World, and not at Magic Kingdom people don't tend to flock to it like they do the Main Street Ice Cream Parlor. There are some severely underrated things that are amazing moments to experience at Walt Disney World, and so many people miss them in the hustle and bustle of getting to their next fastpass, or dining reservation. And yes, I would include Ample Hills at the Boardwalk in my list, but we've already talked about it here! *BONUS*

1. Dole Whips on the Beach

Did you know you can get the classic Disney snack, the Dole Whip, from the Polynesian Village Resort, across the lake from the Magic Kingdom? No need to fight all of the crowds in the park for this delicious treat. But where to eat it? The stand has no tables, and if you aren't staying at the Poly then you can't get into the pool area? Well the Polynesian also has a beautiful beach that overlooks Seven Seas Lagoon, and the Magic Kingdom. What better place to take in the scenery, relax, and treat yourself than a beach?! (This also makes for a great date spot!)

2. Spa Day

If Dole Whips aren't your thing, (and I'm really sorry if they aren't) but you still want to treat yourself, then a spa day might be the way to go! The Grand Floridian, right next door to the Polynesian, is home to Senses, a world class spa right in the middle of Walt Disney World. The prices, compared to other "membership style" spas are not any different, and in fact, the time you are actually in your treatment is longer than a typical treatment. Senses offers facials, massages, and so much more! If you want to indulge and really live in the lap of spa luxury for a day, you can book appointments over the phone only, but can find out more information online here! 

3. Golf

Just like the spa, golf at Walt Disney World is one of those special treats. There are three different 18-hole golf courses around the Walt Disney World Resort, and they are all special in their own way. Two of them are located near the Grand Floridian, and one of them runs right through the grounds at Saratoga Springs. My dad has played at two of the three, and prefers the course that runs through Saratoga Springs. He says there is a lot more to look at, and the grounds around the course are nicer. You can book a tee time at Disney through Walt Disney World's website, or over the phone. 

4. High Tea

If you're like me then you want to continue to try new things at Walt Disney World. One thing you don't hear very much about is High Tea at the Grand Floridian, but let me just tell you that it's not to be overlooked. The small Garden View Tea Room is seriously beautiful! The wall to floor windows give amazing views of the resort grounds, and with master tea blenders making tea just for the Grand you know High Tea is going to be an experience you won't forget. You can book High Tea online through Walt Disney World's website! 

5. Fireworks Cruise

Last on the list is a Fireworks Cruise. These cruises are pretty expensive, but a seriously special treat, and not many people even think of doing this while they are visiting the Walt Disney World Resort. There are two different cruises. One is the dessert party, that leaves from the TTC, and is on one of the Ferries that take guests to and from the Magic Kingdom. The other is a private cruise on a six to nine person boat leaving from the Polynesian, Grand Floridian, Wilderness Lodge, or Contemporary Resort. Both cruises you get to watch Wishes! from Seven Seas Lagoon, overlooking Magic Kingdom, and the view is amazing! (and much less crowded than being inside the park!)

Well friends, that's it for today! What are some of your favorite underrated things to do at Walt Disney World? Let me know in the comments!