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Epcot's Festival of the Arts Review

This weekend, well actually starting Friday, is the last weekend to experience the newest festival to debut at Walt Disney World, The Epcot International Festival of the Arts! This review is a long time coming, but I wanted to be sure I was fully able to enjoy the festival before telling you guys what to do and what the highlights (and really dim lights) were! 

First off, this festival only ran for a few weeks from the middle of January to the middle of February. One of the things I loved most about this new festival was that it really helped Epcot come alive! I love Epcot already, but the Festival of the Arts gave me a whole new appreciation of the park. There was so much to do and see that I could not do it all in one day and get the full experience. 

Like any other Epcot Festival there were outdoor kitchens, but not near the amount that are around for Flower and Garden or Food and Wine. One of my favorite booths was the Masterpiece Kitchen located near the Canada Pavilion of World Showcase. The dishes we got from that booth were the wild mushroom risotto with aged parmesan, truffle shavings, and a zinfandel reduction, and the triple chocolate mousse with chocolate crunch, dark chocolate sauce, and gold leaf. Friend's there's nothing that will make you feel more fancy than eating gold!  

Another thing I really loved about the Festival of the Arts is that they highlighted not just the culinary arts, but art of all kinds, from drawings, paintings, chalk art, digital design, and everything you can thing of! There were live demonstrations of the chalk art each day of the festival, and let me just tell you how amazing those were!!! The art that those people created looked so real you would have never known it chalk. The festival also had booths set up around World Showcase to highlight Disney and non-Disney artists where you could purchase some art for yourself to take home. In the Odyssey Festival Showplace (known as Craft Brews during Food and Wine) they had art galleries from Herb Ryman and Mary Blair! If you love Disney history you'll love walking through these galleries to seethe creative minds that shaped Disney.

A lot of the festival was hands-on which means we as guests got to get involved. Whether it was a free animation class like the ones that used to happen at Hollywood Studios, or hopping into a frame of the Mona Lisa! One of my favorite things was the paint-by-numbers mural right inside of World Showcase! Each person got their own little pot of paint and a brush, and by the end of the weekend guests who came into Epcot had created something beautiful together!

While the Festival of the Arts was quite impressive and you could tell the people in charge of Festivals at Walt Disney World put a lot of thought and creativity into it, there were a few things I think could change for next year. The first being make it all week. The time o the year for the festival was great! It was a great bridge from the holidays to Flower and Garden Festival, but with it just being on the weekends, it was hard if you aren't local, to enjoy it without spending your whole weekend (and potentially vacation) at Epcot. The food was great, but some of the items took a while to get and the lines got long quickly. Unlike Food and Wine or Flower and Garden, the food was all hand prepared and had many steps. Yes, food is meant to be art, but as I was watching the chefs at the outdoor kitchens prepare the food, I noticed some things could have been pre-plated saving time for guests, and the chefs.

Friends, I would HIGHLY suggest you go to the Festival of the Arts this weekend before it ends! The last day of the Festival is Monday, February 20. There is so much more to experience than what I covered here. If you've been to the festival already, let me know in the comments what your favorite part has been!

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