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Disney's Grand Floridian High Tea Review

Happy Monday, friends! I've just returned from a few days at Walt Disney World, and the trip was full of fun new experiences. Over the next week or so I'm going to be writing about those so you can see if it's something you would be interested in doing as well! The first one was having high tea at the Grand Floridian! Let me just tell you 10/10 would recommend this tea party! 

High Tea is located in the very back of the Grand Floridian lobby in the Garden View Tea Room. This tiny room only has about 20 tables, and is super cute as it looks over the grounds of the Grand Floridian. The room has a wall of just windows much like California Grill at The Contemporary Resort. It's highly recommended that you have a reservation for high tea since the table count is so small. (You can make reservations online or by calling Walt Disney World.)

When you get your menu you will be asked to choose a tea, which is super difficult since there are over 30 choices for tea. I had the Rose Garden black tea. The menu description is, "black China tea with a scattering of beautiful rose pedals for a charming floral flavour." If this doesn't make sense to you don't worry. If you can imagine how a rose smells, that's subtly what this tea tastes like. It's really good, and perfect for a spring afternoon. 

The menu at the Garden View Tea Room has changed a bit, so instead of choosing your packaged based on what you want your experience to be, everyone gets the same "base package" and you can add more to it a la carte. The base package is $35 and comes with one pot of tea (which is about 4-5 tea cups full), and three courses. 

The first course to come out to will be finger sandwiches, fruit, and cheese. There were four different finger sandwiches, including egg salad, golden beet and goat cheese, curry chicken salad, and cucumber. The fruit was a mixture of blueberries, grapes, and raspberries. The cheese was a nice piece of cheddar, and a piece of sage cheddar. 

The second and third courses come out at one time on a cake tower. The top is the desserts, where you get to pick which dessert you get. Since we had three people in our group, we got one of each dessert so we could try them all. The middle and bottom plates are scones with jam, butter, and lemon curd, with a raspberry tart. The dessert options are really great, especially if you want to feel fancy! You get one of three options, house made pastries, strawberries and homemade whipped cream, or triffle! The pastries were amazing, and I would probably pick the strawberries over the triffle.

Overall, High Tea at the Grand Floridian is well worth the money for a unique experience outside of the parks! Little girls will love dressing up for this, and all princesses at heart will love feeling like Kate Middleton for a few hours! 

Be magical today!