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Disney's Dine With an Imagineer Review!

Did you know at Walt Disney World you can dine with an Imagineer?! This very exclusive lunch is located at Hollywood Studios, and perfect for anyone who claims to be a MAJOR Disney nerd! 

A few times a week this lunch takes place at The Brown Derby restaurant at Hollywood Studios, and has a cap limit of TEN guests! That's right friends, you and nine other people get to hear some amazing stories from a Disney Imagineer! The Imagineer probably won't be Joe Rhode, so don't go in thinking you're going to learn all about Pandora: World of Avatar before it opens to the public. 

I recently did this experience in December and I loved it! First off the lunch you get is wonderful! If you've never eaten at The Brown Derby this is a great way to experience the restaurant for the first time. When you get seated in the private dining room called The Bamboo Room, you will be given a personalized menu with your name, date, and the name and job title of the Imagineer you will be dining with. The lunch is four courses, with a soup (we had tomato bisque), the famous cobb salad, your choice of entree (there was a fish, steak, or vegetarian dish), and a trio of desserts including the Brown Derby grapefruit cake! 

The food was wonderful, but the real star is being able to pick the mind of an Imagineer! Our Imagineer was Cindy who has been with the Walt Disney Company for almost 30 years! Her official title is Show Design and Production Manager. This means that everything you see out in the guest area are the show, and someone has to decide on all of those. Cue Cindy! Cindy was a major force behind Toy Story Mid-Way Mania and the way it looks and all of the props in there, along with the designs of how the main streets of Hollywood Studios look. Cindy has worked at Hollywood Studios since before it was Disney's MGM Studios. She was hired right as they were breaking ground and starting to build the park! How cool is that, to see the evolution of a whole park over all of those years! 

The whole lunch was about two and a half hours. The course of conversation can go however the lunch guests want it to go. Cindy was more than willing to answer most of our questions. She could not answer some questions due to conflict of interest, or something hadn't been announced by the Walt Disney Company. 

At the end of the lunch you get a gift from Walt Disney Imagineering, and I won't tell you what it is because no one likes when someone spoils their gift by telling them what it is, but it is beautiful and well worth going to the lunch! The dining experience is $75 per person, so it is pricey, but SO WORTH IT! I cannot speak highly enough about this experience! There is a group of about 30 different Imagineers who do this lunch so you could do it over and over and never have the same person, which is super cool! You can book this reservation online through the Walt Disney World website, or on the phone by calling Walt Disney World reservations.

If you guys have any questions about this experience let me know in the comments! 

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