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Walt Disney World Wednesday: Top 5 Underrated Quick Service Restaurants

It's another Walt Disney World Wednesday here at Mingling With Megan, and I love what I'm talking about this week because it's all about food! If you're unaware, I love food, and especially Disney food. These are the days I pretty much forget my "healthy eating" and just get whatever I want from a menu and generally not care about what I eat, as long as it's good. So today, I'm going to be sharing my top five underrated quick service restaurants at Walt Disney World! These aren't going to be in any sort of order because I'm not about favorites when it comes to deliciousnes. 

1. Sunshine Seasons- Epcot

You all know The Land as the place you race to to get to Soarin' before anyone else, especially now since it's in the same tier as Frozen Ever After, and you have a FastPass for Frozen. But the quick service restaurant, Sunshine Seasons, is not to be missed. There is something for everyone here, and the food is really great! One of my favorite things to get here is the fish tacos. In fact, I would say these are better than The Boathouse, which is a signature restaurant at Disney Springs! They were perfectly cooked, with a spicy slaw and a side of potato salad. This was the perfect lunch to eat while waiting out a Florida afternoon thunderstorm, or waiting for your Soarin' FP to become available! I also love that Sunshine Seasons uses a lot of the food that's grown in the greenhouses you can tour while riding on Living With The Land! Talk about knowing exactly where your food is grown.

2. Tangierine Cafe- Epcot

Staying at Epcot, but moving to World Showcase, is Tangierine Cafe! If you love Middle Eastern or Mediterranean food, you're going to love this hidden gem in the Morocco pavilion! It's rarely ever busy, but the food is one of my favorite places to grab a snack to share. The vegetarian platter is where it's at to share, and try the most food. It comes with hummus, tablouleh, lentils (that I swap out for more hummus), couscous, olives, and falafel, all for $10.99. Don't let the price deter you, the portions are huge. My mom and I share this often, and we can rarely ever finish it.    

3. Pecos Bill- Magic Kingdom

Moving over to the most magical of all the places, Magic Kingdom, Pecos Bill in Frontierland is severely underrated. While this place is usually busy around parade time, because it's right on the parade path, I've walked in at dinner and it be pretty dead. There are two words to describe how wonderful Pecos Bill is: TOPPINGS BAR. What I like to do here is get a kids meal and get all the toppings my tacos can hold. By the time I'm done with the toppings bar I've turned my kids meal into an adult meal. 

4. Fairfax Fare- Hollywood Studios

Yes, I know many of you don't enjoy eating at Hollywood Studios and would much rather just get a carrot cake cookie and be on your way to Star Tours. But if you do get hungry, Fairfax Fare just started serving massive baked potatoes with all kinds of toppings. If you're like me, then you cannot resists anything made with potatoes.

5. Yak & Yeti- Disney's Animal Kingdom

Animal Kingdom as a whole doesn't get a lot of love from my fam-jam. It's not that we don't like it, we would just rather spend our time somewhere else, like Epcot or Magic Kingdom. But when we do go to Animal Kingdom, we usually get pretty hungry because the park is HUGE! The one place we know we can count on to always have decent food and enough for us all to share is Yak & Yeti, and not the table service restaurant. The one on the side, with the walk-up windows. (I really don't like how they named two places the same thing.) Anyways, the fried rice here is really good, and the box of it is huge! My parents and I ca share it and be full enough to make it over to Epcot to eat our way around the world without getting hangry in the car. 

Well friends, that it for today! If there's an underrated restaurant you think I missed, let me know! 



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