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Monday Must Haves: September 12, 2016

Happy Monday, friends! I can't wait for this week because there's a lot of really cool stuff happening! And can we just talk about how wonderful it is to have football back in our lives?! 
How I've missed watching the NFL on Sunday with my fam-jam, and eating snacks all day. There's really nothing better than that. Here's the thing about football though, it's a roller coaster of emotions, especially yesterday during the Jaguars game, when they played the Green Bay Packers. In the last play of the game the Jags could have won it all against a legendary team, and an honored QB in the league, but everything seemed to fall apart in those moments, and we lost. But only by three! Which is a HUGE deal for all of us here in Jacksonville. To play a competitive game for a full 60 minutes and actually look good makes for a great outlook on the season. Anyways, that's enough rambling about football this week. 

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My friend, Eleny is so cute, and so is her Disney IG! If you've been around for a while then you know that I love featuring my Disney friends in this spot because they deserve a ton of recognition just for being awesome! Eleny has a great IF page full of bright pictures, some great hidden gems from the parks, and an all around positive vibe. She also just got selected to be a part of the Walter and Rosie 407 Club, which means she's a brand ambassador for one of my favorite shops, Walter and Rosie Candle Co. 


This time of year is the worst for fashion. Not because the clothes aren't cute or you don't love them, but because the weather can be so tricky. One day you could be wearing jeans and a really cute t-shirt, and the next day it's blazin hot and you're in shorts and a tank top. #ThanksFall. One of my favorite pieces in this awkward transition time is just a simple cotton top from Zara. It's blue and white strips, but goes with almost anything! 


One question I get a lot is what makeup do I take to Disney with me? Well that's a pretty complicated answer because most of the time I will wear one look to the parks, and when we go back to the room for our afternoon nap (yeah we're old, okay?!) I'll do a completely different look to go out to dinner with. Partly because the places we tend to pick for dinner are considered signature restaurants and I don't want to have makeup that's been out in the hot sun and pretty much come off for a really nice steak dinner. So there are usually five items I take with me that are staples that I can do just about any look with:

1. Foundation. I use NARS Sheer Glow in Gobi.

2. Eyebrow Pencil. I use Anastasia Beverly Hills Pencil in Dark Brown

3. The perfect palette. I usually bring a Tarte palette because it's got a good mix of colors, along with a contour and highlight that I love!

4. Mascara. I've been loving the Too Faced Better Than Sex lately.

5. Red Lipstick: Always NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Dragon Girl!


Like I said earlier, football season is upon us, which means snacks are what I usually live off of on Sunday! One of my favorites is buffalo chicken dip from Publix. If you've never gotten the buffalo chicken dip from the deli section you're truly missing out! Put this dip in a bread bowl and use the excess bread for dipping, or just with chips and you have a great snack! 


Wednesday, September 14, that's this week!, the Epcot International Food and Wine Festival is starting and I could not be more excited! There's nothing better than taking a big group of friends and walking around World Showcase trying all that you can before the park closes! This year there are a ton of new offerings from new Outdoor Kitchens, and new dining experiences, so be sure to check the Walt Disney World website for information on all of that! 

Well friends, that's it for this week's Monday Must Haves! If you have something you think I should try, or if you love something on this list let me know in the comments! Like this post if you're excited about Food and Wine Festival starting this week! 



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