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Walt Disney World Wednesday: Training for Wine and Dine Half Marathon Weekend!

Happy Walt Disney World Wednesday, friends! This week I'm talking all things runDisney training! My next runDisney race is quickly approaching and I'm starting to get ready for it. I'll be participating in the Wine and Dine 10K, which is new for this year! I'm super excited to be a a part of this inaugural race, and to be running it with one of my best friends, Kaitlyn! Here's the thing with training though, you never know what's going to be thrown at you. 

Here's how my training normally starts: I run about two miles and work my way up to five before the race. I don't ever run over five miles for a training run. This might sound stupid, since my race is 6.2, but that last 1.2 miles are incredibly easy, especially when you're running at Disney!  

If you think you're going to get a PR running a runDisney race, I'm here to tell you that you're not. This is really true for those of us in the back corrals. People will say they run faster than they actually do to get more time to take pictures with characters that are placed throughout the course. Let's be honest here for a second, the main reason I run these races is not because I actually enjoy the sport of running. It's to see really cool characters that you can't normally see in the parks, and to get a medal!

Really though, how beyond awesome is it to see Lumiere and Cogsworth out in France at Epcot?!

I get a lot of questions on my Disney IG (@minglingwithmickey) about how to handle race weekend, and I think I'm going to leave that for another post, once Wine and Dine Half Weekend get's closer! So be on the lookout for that as well. 

If you have any training tips you want to share, let me know in the comments! 



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