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Walt Disney World Wednesday: NO MORE BLACKOUT DATES!

Guys! The time is here! The time I've been waiting for all summer! The end of blackout dates for my Walt Disney World Annual Pass!!! 

There are so many new offerings at Walt Disney World now, and they all started right after my AP blacked-out for the summer. I think the thing I'm most excited for is Mickey's Royal Friendship Faire, which replaced Dream Along With Mickey. (RIP) I love the pictures that I've seen from this new show, and I love that Rapunzel and Flynn are finally getting some much needed love in a Disney show. Because let's be honest here for a second, a few minutes as the Tangled float goes by in Festival of Fantasy is not enough Flynn for this girl.

You know what I'm really not all that thrilled about? Frozen. I miss Maelstrom, and while I can get the Maelstrom margarita at La Cava del Tequila, it's definitely not the same. I've heard really hit and miss things about the ride. Sometimes it's working fully, and sometimes it's not. And other times the ride is closed for hours and there's nothing anyone can do about it. I haven't watched any of the spoilers for Frozen Ever After, or the new Soarin' Over The World yet, so be ready for some honest opinions over on Twitter and Instagram. 

Well friends, I know this week's post is short, but I got a new job and it's keeping me pretty busy. Hopefully in the next few weeks I can get back to writing more in depth stuff for you! Until then, let me know what you think of all the new things at Walt Disney World!  



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