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Walt Disney World Wednesday: Disney Must Do's For First Time Guests: Hollywood Studios

Happy Walt Disney World Wednesday people of the internet! I hope you guys are having the best day so far! I sure am! I got some pretty exciting news yesterday, and I can't wait to share it with you guys, but for now that has to remain my little secret. This week for WDW Wednesday, we're continuing on the series of Disney Must Do's for First Time Guests, and heading over to Hollywood Studios. If I'm being completely honest, I still call it MGM when I'm with my friends and family. If you missed my first Must Do's which covered Magic Kingdom, you can check that out here!


My favorite ride in all of Walt Disney World is housed at Hollywood Studios, which means it's definitely going to make the list. That ride is Tower of Terror. This ride is one of the most immersive experiences at WDW, and it's so much fun. You walk through an old hotel that seems to have been abandoned for some time. Then you step aboard a maintenance elevator, "Because in tonight's episode, you are the star! And this elevator travels directly to The Twilight Zone." If you're taking people who have never been to Hollywood Studios before onto this ride, I highly recommend asking the Cast Member who puts you in your seat assignment for the front row! If you, or any of your group are afraid of heights, or fast drops, you might want to pass on this experience. But let's be honest for a second, heights and going fast is the fun part, right?


Hollywood Studios used to have way more shows, and they closed down my very favorite show many years ago. (RIP Hunchback of Notre Dame Show) So what the best show that's currently at Hollywood Studios? Star Wars: A Galactic Spectacular! This nightly fireworks show is presented at 9:30 most nights. But check the Times Guide in the park, or My Disney Experience for more accurate show times while you're at Hollywood Studios! This fireworks show combines fire, lasers, projections, and audio of your favorite Star Wars characters into an immersive experience. I may or may not like the Star Wars fireworks better than Wishes! over at Magic Kingdom. 


Have you ever just wondered what it would be like to drink a peanut butter and jelly milkshake? Yeah, me neither. That sounds gross. But you know what sounds delicious and it's only available at Hollywood Studios? Peanut butter and jelly milkshakes! Ice cream, peanut butter, and grape jelly, all blended together until it's thick and creamy and ready to devour! This snack is available at 50's Prime Time Diner, and while you can get it if you have a reservation for lunch or dinner, you can also get it from the bar and take it to go while you explore the rest of the park! That's what I suggest doing, especially if it's a hot day. 

Quick Service:

When I want a really quick meal after I get off Tower of Terror, I head to The Sunset Ranch Market. This quick service strip of windows with all different menus is right on the same walkway to and from Tower of Terror on Sunset Boulevard. My favorite thing to get is the fried green tomato sandwich from Rosie's All American Cafe. It's a huge sandwich that can easily be shared. It has fried green tomatoes, pepper jack cheese, jalapeno ranch and arugula on a ciabatta bun, and it's served with coleslaw or fries. I live in the south and know a good fried green tomato when I see it, and this is it! 

Table Service:

Remember that peanut butter and jelly milkshake from earlier? Well we're headed back to 50's Prime Time Diner for our Table Service pick for First Time Guests! When you walk into this restaurant expect to be treated like family. Cast Members are cousins, you will get in trouble for not finishing your green beans, and the fried chicken is just like grandma's! All of this is in good fun though. I love the atmosphere inside 50's. Everyone is having a good time, and the food is usually really great! 

Well friends, that's it for this weeks Walt Disney World Wednesday! I'm off to WDW this week to hang out with some Disney friends, and see some princesses! If you love something different than me at Hollywood Studios let me know in the comments.



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