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Walt Disney World Wednesday: Disney Must-Do's For First Time Guests: Epcot

I love Wednesdays! You know why? It's Walt Disney World Wednesday! And this week it's time for another WDW Must-Do For First Time Guests, and we are going over to Epcot! I love Epcot! There's so much to explore, and while Future World could use a little help (and I believe they are going to be getting it soon), World Showcase is really where it' at. If you've missed my Magic Kingdom or Hollywood Studios Must-Dos's for First Time Guests, be sure to check those out too! 


There aren't that many rides at Epcot, so if you're looking for a day filled to the brim with rides, then Epcot might not be your place. But they do have one of my favorite rides, Test Track! The basics of this ride is that you are in a simulator car going through the tests to be road-safe. The end of the ride is really the best, because you get to go around the ride building at 65 miles per hour, at a bank of 14 degrees! It's so much fun!


Just like at Hollywood Studios, Epcot decided to take away my favorite show, "Off Kilter," which was the band that performed in the Canada pavilion in World Showcase. But since Off Kilter isn't there any more, The Voices of Liberty in the America pavilion are really great as well. They perform daily inside the rotunda before each showing of The American Adventure. If you don't feel all the feels for America after watching The Voices of Liberty, and The American Adventure, there's something seriously wrong with you. 


There are so many amazing snack options at Epcot that I could do a whole post about snacks and I still wouldn't be able to cover them all. But if you're taking someone to Epcot for the very first time you cannot pass up L'Artisan des Glace! They have some of the best ice cream at Walt Disney World. Their flavors change seasonally, and let's just talk about the peppermint ice cream macaron sandwich they have at Christmas time! It's what dreams are made of and will instantly put you into the festive feel.

Quick Service:

For my quick service pick, we are going over to the other side of World Showcase to Mexico! La Cantina de San Angel is my favorite lunch spot at Epcot! They have the best barbacoa tacos I've had, and I've had some in Mexico on vacation. You get two huge tacos with rice and beans, and spicy salsa. I love this dish for lunch because I love spicy food, and this keeps me full all of the way through the day where I won't have to eat again if I don't want too. (But the real goal at Epcot is to eat as much as you can during your day because THE FOOD IS SO GOOD!)

Table Service:

If I'm taking someone to Epcot for the very first time ever, I'm definitely making a reservation for the Rose and Crown Pub. Now, don't get this confused with the actual bar located in the same building where you just walk up to the bar, grab your drink and keep going on your adventure. No. This is a full service restaurant, and it's so good! It has all of your favorite foods that have made their way from across the pond, and a few that haven't but are still great. I love their fish and chips. The fish is really lightly fried, and the chip are crunchy and delicious. I also really like getting the Scotch egg for an appetizer. This dish is a bit more adventurous, but still a must-get. It's a hard-boiled egg, with sausage wrapped around it, and fried to golden perfection! 

Well friends, that's it for this week's Walt Disney World Wednesday. If you have different must-do's for first time guests, let me know in the comments.