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Walt Disney World Wednesday: Disney For Your Birthday

Happy Wednesday, friends! As you're reading this I'm probably trying to figure out what to pack to take to Walt Disney World this weekend! That's always my biggest Disney struggle is figuring out what to wear. I have a lot of awesome Disney t-shirts and I want to wear all of them, but it's going to be almost 95 degrees this weekend in Orlando, so wearing 10 Star Wars t-shirts is really out of the question. So what exactly does my perfect Disney Birthday Weekend look like? 

It starts out with the drive to Orlando. I would stop at Starbucks because the two and a half hour drive needs to be fueled by my favorite mermaid. My family and I hit the road and listen to my favorite songs, which probably include a bit of Taylor Swift, Ellie Goulding, Aerosmith, and James Bay. Yes, I know that's an odd mix of artists. Our car dance party would commence! You can't have a successful Disney Birthday Weekend without a few dance parties. That's a pro-tip for life really. Have as many dance parties as possible.

This weekend has been planned for a while, so we already know what parks we are doing what day, and we have some great options for food! 

Friday afternoon my parents and I are headed to Splitsville at Disney Springs for a bit of bowling, and it's probably going to get way to competitive! Then we're going to Raglan Road for lunch. If you've never been to Raglan Road you need to go! The food is great, and the atmosphere is unbeatable! Friday night my two best friends are joining the party and we're headed to Hollywood Studios! Hopefully by this point I have a birthday button. That's one of the special things about Disney is that they want to celebrate everything! A few weeks ago I celebrated having a new job, and last month I got to celebrate being a Galactic Hero. I also got this awesome button from Parkbound Buttons, because you can never have enough buttons, and you can never have enough Tangled things!

Courtesy of Parkboundbuttons.com

Courtesy of Parkboundbuttons.com

Anyways, Hollywood Studios! There's a few must-do things at the Studios. 

1. See my Launch Bae, Kylo Ren!

During my last encounter with Kylo, I got kicked out for trying to kiss him. But when he doesn't know the meaning of personal space you gotta do what you gotta do. 

2. Buy as many carrot cake cookies as I can and eat them all! 

Well maybe not all of them, but maybe get two and eat one in the park and have one to bring home! 

3. See Symphony In The Stars!

If you didn't know, Symphony In The Stars is not going to be running at Hollywood Studios much longer. They are replacing it with a new Star Wars themed fireworks show, and I'm really excited! But my dad hasn't seen Symphony In The Stars, so it's really just the perfect excuse to see them again. Hopefully by the time the fireworks start Emily and Kaitlyn will be at the park and we can ride Tower of Terror until we feel like we're going to throw up, because we're hardcore like that. 

Saturday all five of us are headed to Epcot in the morning to go to the International Flower and Garden Festival! This will be my fifth time at the festival this year, and I'm still just as excited as I was the first time because Epcot is beautiful during this time, and there's all the snacks for us to eat! I definitely want to be able to get another violet lemonade, frushi, and la vie en rose slush.

I'm also really looking forward to just making memories with my two best friends! This is a weekend I've been looking forward to for a really long time. Emily and Kaitlyn have been there for me a lot this past year, from all of the epic highs to the lowest lows, and this weekend is one of the ways for me to say thank you for your friendship and joy you bring to my life. So while it's my birthday, I still want to celebrate others. That's what Disney is all about, celebrating people and moments in time.

After our #FreshEpcot adventure we have fastpasses at Magic Kingdom. One thing we won't be doing is Haunted Mansion. Why? I don't like it. It's scary. As a kid I was brought on that ride because my parents loved it, and usually ended up crying. Then last year on my birthday my family, Emily, Kaitlyn, and I went to go on it and Emily and I got separated from our group. Now, they tell you to keep your group together, and there was no one in line, and we thought the rest of the squad was with us so we kept going through the queue. We got to the doors where you actually go into the fireplace room and they closed behind us, WITH NO SEASONED ADULT AND NO KAITLYN! We were corralled to the stretching room, then onto a doom buggy and rode alone. It was quite possibly the most terrifying Disney experience. When the rest of my group got off the ride we asked what happened, and my dad was helping three CM's solve the Haunted Mansion murder mystery, and my mom and Kaitlyn were playing in the interactive queue. Also don't try to fit three adults into a doom buggy. It's uncomfortable. They say three can fit... They lie. Don't ask me how I know this. 

So what are we actually doing at Magic Kingdom? Those goals include:

1. See Rapunzel!

I love going to see Rapunzel, because Tangled is my favorite Disney movie, and when it's you're birthday it's basically expected that you see Rapunzel.

This picture is so bad, because the lighting inside Princess Fairy Tale Hall is awful! But the pure joy in this picture is unbeatable!

This picture is so bad, because the lighting inside Princess Fairy Tale Hall is awful! But the pure joy in this picture is unbeatable!

2. Ride Under The Sea- Journey of The Little Mermaid!

This sounds so silly after saying I really don't like Haunted Mansion. But when you and your best friend sit in one of those clam shells and sing all of the songs from The Little Mermaid and laugh the whole way through the ride, you'll understand why I picked this as a Magic Kingdom must for my Disney Birthday Weekend!

3. Hub grass and chill! 

Whether I'm just going into Magic Kingdom for a few hours as a single rider, or headed in for a whole day with my squad, I love hanging out on the hub grass. Usually this hang out has some sort of snack, like corn dog nuggets from Casey's, or a Mickey Ice Cream Bar! I'm just obsessed with the hub grass, guys. 

Magic Kingdom is open until midnight Saturday night, so there's going to be a lot of fun happening there! 

Sunday is a big day though because we're all headed to Boma for breakfast! This is my second favorite breakfast at Walt Disney World. (The first is Whispering Canyon, specifically for their banana bread french toast!) Emily and Kaitlyn have never been to Boma for any meal, so I'm pretty excited that they get to try something new, and I'm just excited to eat some of my favorite breakfast foods! 

Then we're off to Animal Kingdom. Can I be honest with you guys? Animal Kingdom is my least favorite park. I know there are people who absolutely love it. But that's the great thing about Disney, there's really something for everyone! My main goal for Animal Kingdom is to ride Dinosaur, because our picture on that ride is always funny! We're probably going to spend just a few hours in the park because we still have to drive home and it's going to be hot hot hot!

If you're still here reading, thanks for sticking around! Especially after reading my unpopular opinion about Haunted Mansion! Disney for your birthday is super fun if you've never done it before! The main thing to keep in mind is to be fluid with plans. Sometimes rides break down, sometimes the weather isn't that great, and sometimes someone is going to bump into you in line because they weren't paying attention. If any of these things happen, don't take away the Disney Magic from other people, just keep moving forward and making memories! Birthday's only come around once a year, so make it as special as possible. 



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