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Walt Disney World Wednesday: Thank You Cast Members!

Are you a Disney Cast Member? Have you ever been a Disney Cast Member? Do you know a Disney Cast Member? Do you think Cast Members are awesome and deserve more recognition? If you answered yes to any of those questions, please continue to read this.

Dear Disney Cast Members,

Thank you for everything you do to make my Disney adventures magical. I call them adventures, because every time I go to the parks there's something new for me to see, a new person to meet, and most likely some new food I saw on Instagram that I need to try. Here's the thing though Disney CM, you are what makes Disney fantastic! YES, you! I don't care if you have the roll of answering the phone in the call center, if you're telling me what number to stand on at Tower of Terror, or your working backstage making sure Mickey looks his very best before he comes out to see me, you are significant to my Disney story! 

I've been so lucky to interact with many of you CM's over the past 22 years of going to Walt Disney World, and I can tell you that there are specific moments that really stand out. I remember when I was a kid being the only person talking to Megara for a very long time at Hollywood Studios (back then it was MGM), and the Character Attendant made sure we had the perfect spot to talk and get photos out of the way of other guests. Pure Magic. I remember feeling so much excitement when the security guard at the hotels we would stay at would tell us "Welcome home!" I remember being sung "Happy Birthday" too on many occassions! I remember riding Tower of Terror with my dad, and for a long time we were the only people in the line. The CM working the loading area put us in row one. I leaned over to my dad and said "Dad, I think we're going to have this elevator to ourselves." Well that CM overheard me, and as new guests were coming down the ramp to join us, he stopped them and said that we were riding alone to our room. My dad and I ended up purchasing the ride photo from that day, as this was way before Magic Bands or Memory Maker. 

Even now, in my 20's, Cast Members, you are still so important in my Disney story, and not just because you tell me what number to stand on, or give me my food! A few weeks ago one of you granted one of my Disney dreams of holding one of the bunches of balloons sold on Main Street USA at Magic Kingdom! I got to talking to a manager a few months ago, and really praised the CM working in a certain area at Epcot, and that manager was so proud to know that her employees were making magic for people. A while ago my dad and I were at Hollywood Studios and saw a Photopass CM with lightsabers. Obviously we had to go over and get our pictures taken! The Cast Member really took notice at how into our pictures we were, so she went the extra mile to make sure we lined up just right with the Star Wars Launch Bay sign, and added a bit of extra magic to our shots, and we ended up with some great pictures! 

Cast Members, you have a hard job, and I don't think a lot of people realize that. You have to be switched on and joyful all of the time. You deal with thousands and thousands of types of people every single day, and some of those days are not the prettiest, especially in the summer. But you make magic for us guest every single day! You go out of your way to make us feel special. So thank you!