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Walt Disney World Wednesday: My Disney Bucket List!

Just like Rapunzel, I'm so glad I left my tower, because adventure is out there, and I need to explore a whole new world! (Yes, I just combined Tangled, Up!, and Aladdin references into one sentence.) There's a lot of things I want to do with my life, and let's be honest for a minute, over half of them involve Disney in some way! So today I'm going to be sharing part of my Disney bucket list with you guys. 

1. Go to all of the Disney Parks! 

I love Walt Disney World! If that's not blatantly obvious yet, then you might be new here. Hi! I'm Megan, and I have a Disney obsession! Here's the thing though, I've only ever been to Walt Disney World, and there's so many other Disney parks around the world to go visit. The first one on my list to go to is Disneyland. Why? It's where Walt started everything. There's so much history and sentimental value in that park that I simply must go before venturing halfway across the world to see other parks. My goal is to visit Disneyland sometime next year. I keep seeing friends of mine post awesome pictures of Disneyland, Paradise Pier, and California Adventure that it gets me so excited to start planning my newest Disney adventure!

What park would I want to visit next? Disneyland Paris! Partly because there's a giant dragon underneath their castle, and partly because I just want to go to Paris. Then I would head over to Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo Disney Sea, Hong Kong Disneyland, and I would finish out my trips with Shanghai Disneyland! Can we just talk about how awesome Shanghai looks? I've been watching some pov videos of new rides at Shanghai and every single time I'm just so excited about the possibility of going to see these things for myself!

2. Be the Grand Marshall for Festival of Fantasy!

This bucket list item really came about from another dream that I realized was not going to come true. What was that dream? Actually be in a Disney parade! Sadly, I can't keep a beat and I dance to my own drum, and that's not good for parades. So here I am with a new item on my bucket list, be the Grand Marshall for Festival of Fantasy! How does one get to be Grand Marshall? Basically you have to get to Magic Kingdom really early in the morning. Like well before the park opens, and hope you get selected by a Guest Relations CM to be the "Family of the Day." With the thousands and thousands of families who go to Disney every day this one is a long-shot, but totally doable!

3. Tour Pixar Studios!

Courtesy of Pixar Animation Studios

Courtesy of Pixar Animation Studios

While hanging out in the Pixar area of Hollywood Studios is cool, going to real Pixar would be one of the most exciting moments of my life. I've grown up watching Disney and Pixar movies. I remember the first time I watched Toy Story! I remember the joy of seeing Luxo Jr. jumping across my tv screen! I've realized so many dreams because of Pixar movies, and I've learned so much about life because of Pixar movies. I NEED to go to Pixar to say thank you to anyone I can for changing my life!

4. Stay in the Dream Suite!

The Cinderella Dream Suite is located in the heart of Cinderella Castle at Magic Kingdom. During the Year of A Million Dreams a family would be selected to stay overnight in the castle in this beautiful space! Now it's reserved for celebrity guests, and special events. There's also a competition between Cast Members to be able to stay there, but with thousands of CM's trying to get into the Dream Suite it's highly unlikely that my grandpa would enter into this. (Yes, my grandpa is a CM! If you see an older gentleman around Animal Kingdom named Jean, usually working in Dinoland or as a core trainer at the front of the park, stop and say hi!)

5. Be part of Club 33! 

The last thing on my bucket list for today is to be part of Club 33! If you don't know what Club 33 is, it's an exclusive restaurant at Disneyland, and you have to be part of Club 33 to even get a reservation. There is a very long wait list to be invited into Club 33. I've heard that the Club 33 restaurant is the best of all of the Disney properties, and the atmosphere is unparalleled. 


That's it for my Disney bucket list! I might share more of my list sometime soon! As for now, I would love to know what's on your list. Let me know down in the comments! 



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