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Monday Must Haves: May 30, 2016

A very happy Monday to you, friend! I hope you are having the best day ever! I'm really excited about this week, and more importantly, this weekend! I've been waiting for this weekend since last October! What's going on this weekend? My best friend, Emily, and I are going to see Ellie Goulding!!! I got Emily tickets for her and I to go see Ellie in concert for Christmas, and the pure joy and excitement on Emily's face when she got to the bottom of that tiny black box that "just had Ellie's newest album in it" was unforgettable! And now that weekend is finally here. So this week's must-haves are all about what you need to have a perfect concert-going experience, and more specifically and perfect Ellie Goulding concert-going experience! 

Social Media:

 One of the things I tell people the most when they are going to a concert, whether it's out of town or in their own city, is to follow the venue! I would hope you're already following the artist, which in my case this week is Ellie Goulding. Here's the thing about following the venue, it's not a permanent thing. I usually start following the venue a few days before the concert, then unfollow them the next day. Why? They give out really important information, like what time the doors actually open, what time the artist is scheduled to go on, if they have a bag or camera policy, parking tips, and if they have any other announcements because of weather or something like that. Ellie is playing at CFE Arena, which is the basketball/indoor sports arena for the University of Central Florida. So if you're going to this Ellie Goulding concert too, you can follow CFE Arena on Twitter: @CFEArena


Comfort is key at a concert. I always get a laugh out of those girls who wear extra high heels to shows then I see them half-way through the concert sitting down without shoes on, most likely because they made a poor life choice when it came to their footwear. The shoes I choose to wear are either sandals that I've had forever, or Toms. You really can't go wrong with Toms. When it comes to clothes, a dress is usually the most comfortable because nobody has time for jeans that are too tight after eating your weight in Chipotle before a show! And wearing dress you'll still look cute for that selfie you're going to take with your best friend!


My one must-have travel companion when it comes to makeup is a good palette! One of my favorites, not just for concerts, but for all of the time, is the Urban Decay Naked 3 palette. It's got a really great range of colors, from brights to darks, mattes and shimmers! My favorite color to use right now is Darkside! It's the perfect crease blending color. 


Obviously since I'm going to see Ellie Goulding, this section is going to be an Ellie song, but not just any song, my absolute favorite song, "Don't Panic." This song has really helped me through a lot the past few months, and I can't wait to sing along and dance to this when it comes up in the set list! 


If this ever happened to me, I would die. 


It's the day after the show, and you wake up and since you danced your butt off the night before you need brunch asap! Where do I head if I want brunch in Orlando? Raglan Road at Disney Springs, of course! (You didn't think I was going to go a whole blog post without talking about something Disney did you?) 

Raglan road has one of my favorite brunches ever! Their pancakes are awesome, along with the full Irish breakfast, and the Three Times a Boxty! But really, anything you get on the menu is going to be great. They also have an awesome bar, so if you need a mimosa with your brunch, expect one of the best, coming with strawberry and lemon juice instead of orange juice! 

Well friends, that's it for this week's Monday Must Have! If you try anything on this list, or have something you think I should know about let me know! Also let me know what your favorite Disney brunch spot is.



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