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Disney Trip Report: My Birthday Trip Day Two

I hope you guys enjoyed part one of my Disney Birthday Trip Report! If you haven't read it yet, be sure to check it out. Today I'm going to be talking about our second day at the parks, which included half a day at Epcot, and half a day at Magic Kingdom, and a pool party somewhere in the middle of those two parks! My family and I are really lucky to live so close to the parks because that means we don't have to do EVERYTHING in one day! We also take a lot of breaks, and we go back to the room in the afternoon for a nap. If we didn't get to do something, it doesn't matter, because we know we're going back to the parks in a few weeks most likely. 

So the second day of this trip was Saturday, May 14, 2016, and our first stop was Epcot. Once we got past security and the main check-in point where you scan your magic bands, my group split up because we had different priorities. Mom and dad headed for the Flower and Garden Festival Center in the old Wonders of Life Pavilion, while Emily, Kaitlyn, and I headed to see our favorite mermaid, Starbucks. Life doesn't officially start in the morning without coffee. And since we didn't get in from Hollywood Studios until well after 1 am the night before, we needed as much coffee as we could get! 

We got to Epcot pretty late, so we just got a snack for breakfast because we had a full day of eating ahead of us thanks to the Flower and Garden Festival Outdoor Kitchens! But it was still a bit early to head back to World Showcase, so what ride do we go on? No, not Test Track. Ellen's Universe of Energy! Why?

1. Emily had never been on it before.

2. Ellen is funny. 3

. It's got Bill Nye The Science Guy. (If you didn't sing the Bill Nye theme song just now in you're head I'm totally judging you.)

4. Dinosaurs.

All of those are valid reasons to go on a ride. I also like this ride because Epcot was particularly hot the day we were there, so this got us into some air conditioning for 45 minutes! Then the glorious time came when we could go eat. You guys know I love eating, especially at Walt Disney World! Some of my favorite times of the year at Disney are Flower and Garden, and Food and Wine Festival. The special treats the Disney chefs come up with are always so good, and they seem to just get better each year. They always bring back cult favorites, like Violet Lemonade and the Watermelon Feta Salad, but there's also new offerings like a Fresh Baked Lemon Scone and Cider Flights! 

Our first stop was Pineapple Promenade for Violet Lemonade! Man oh man is this good! It's sweet, tangy, and flowery all at the same time, without being overwhelmingly tasting like you ate a whole rose bush. As we continued around World Showcase we got more delicious drinks, food, and some of the best BBQ, from the Smokehouse Brews and Barbecue! (I'm not going to talk about everything we got here. If you want to read about the highlights of my Flower and Garden Festival experience, click here!)

Our day at Epcot was basically just enjoying food, and flowers, and laughing because Epcot is one of the best places at Walt Disney World for people watching! After lunch time we went back to our resort, which was All-Star Music, for a bit of down time by the pool! 

If you've never stayed at a Walt Disney World hotel, I highly recommend it! The joys of knowing everything is taken care of for you takes a lot of stress out of your vacation planning. What I love most is that they have a room within almost everyone's budget. Since we're annual pass holders, we get discounts on rooms, but even if we didn't get those discounts, rooms at the All-Stars or Pop Century are usually around $100. I love these "lower end" hotels because if I'm being honest I really just need a place to sleep and take a shower when I'm at Disney. Since we do go so often, I don't see the need to book a room at Grand Floridian or Wilderness Lodge when I know I'm not going to be spending a lot of time at the resorts. Though one day my goal is to stay at one of these Deluxe Resorts and just have a resort vacation, where I hang by the pool, and do things around the resort! Obviously the Deluxe Resorts are going to have a lot more to do than the Value Resorts, but both are fine if you're just sleeping and getting up the next morning to go to Magic Kingdom! 

Anyways, we headed to the pool at our resort, and they were about to start pool bingo! My group got way too excited about this, partly because bingo is fun, and partly because you got to pick a prize from the purple treasure chest. We ended up winning two out of the five rounds they played! 

After our pool time, we all went back to the room, and Mom, Kaitlyn and I went to get dinner. The great thing about Disney is that you aren't confined to eating at just your resort. Since we drove to Orlando, we had our car to take us where ever we wanted to go. We knew Caribbean Beach Resort was right down the road from ours, so we drove down there, got Mexican for dinner (which is not offered at All-Stat Music), and brought it back to our room to eat with Dad and Emily. Dinner was really good and I highly recommend the chicken tacos from Caribbean Beach! 

Post-Dinner we were all headed to Magic Kingdom, and let me tell you something, there's nothing better than walking down Main Street U.S.A at golden hour, post nap, and it being your birthday weekend with your favorite people! There's nothing I would have given up those moments for. The first thing we did was take my dad to the hub grass because he had never had the glorious opportunity to #HubGrassAndChill. He thoroughly enjoyed it. In fact, he just wanted to lay there the rest of the night. 

Our first stop was Pirates Of The Caribbean, and we were so excited that it was open. The past two times I've been to Magic Kingdom Pirates has been shut down for problems, which seems to happen more often than it should. So we hopped aboard our boat, smelled that glorious Pirates smell, and went on our little journey.

We continued our night at Magic Kingdom with Space Mountain, The People Mover, and a snack. Then went and spun all the spins at The Mad Tea Party. That's when my parents decided to call it a night at Magic Kingdom, but Emily, Kaitlyn and I shut down the park again. Before ending our night we sang along to all of the songs in The Little Mermaid, saw Wishes, rode Thunder Mountain, and made a horrible life choice by riding Splash Mountain and getting soaked. 

Our final thing of the night was getting mini corndogs from Casey's Corner, and watching the Castle and people go by as we sat on the hub grass. I crave those mini corndogs when I'm not at Disney. There's something about them that's so addictive. After getting done with our snack we walked out of Magic Kingdom. On our way out, I fulfilled one of my lifelong dreams of holding a bundle of those extra magical Disney balloons!!! That's the only way to end a night at Magic Kingdom.



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