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Disney Trip Report: My Birthday Trip Day One

Happy Fri-YAY! This is usually the spot where a High-Five for Friday would be, but for the next three weeks I thought it might be fun to do a day-by-day trip report about my recent Disney Birthday Trip! Yes, there are vlogs coming out soon about this trip, but sometimes I find that when I write I can put way more detail, or different stories in, than from my vlog. So think of these pieces as complimentary to each other. (If you're wondering, the vlog that goes along with this blog comes out next Tuesday, May 31, 2016!)

Day one of this birthday trip was Friday, which happened to be my actual birthday! My parents and I headed off to Disney Springs first, and we went bowling at Splitsville. If you've never been to Splitsville, I highly recommend it. Number one, it's fun! We got there around 12 and it was empty, so we had the whole second floor to ourselves. Number two, the food is great! You guys know I love food, and the options at Splittsville are some of the best. We got loaded cheese fries and the crab rangoon sushi. Yes, that's the same sushi roll that got discontinued at Polynesian! Our goal was to just eat a few snacks here because we had planned to go to Raglan Road for a late lunch. Well after my dad won all three games of bowling, and I barely broke 100, we turned our shoes in, and headed over to the newest area of Disney Springs, Town Center! 

While Town Center wasn't open yet, we got some great views of the springs from the walkways between Morimoto Asia and Raglan Road. Then it hit us, there was no line for Jock Lindsey's Hangar Bar. So we headed on in there, grabbed a table, and ended up eating some snacks and having a drink there! I got Reggie's Revenge to drink, which was fantastic, and my parents split a beer flight. As for food, we got the Snack of Ra, which had the best hummus, a tomato-cucumber-feta salad, and a curry chicken salad, all served with hot naan bread! We also got Tanis Tacos, which are basically falafel tacos. I liked the tacos more than the hummus/salad plate, but I love love love falafel!  

After lunch we headed off for some ice cream, because that's what you do when it's your birthday, eat as much ice cream as possible. At Disney Springs the best ice cream can be found at Vivoli il Gelato! (I hear you screaming at your computer that Ghirardelli is better. It's not. Just trust me on this one.) At Vivoli, they make all of their ice cream in house, and the flavor options are incredible! My favorite flavor is banana, because it tastes just like a frozen banana. In a small cup you can split between two flavors, so obviously I got banana, then I tried something weird, avocado. You guys, I'm obsessed with avocados. I'll put them on almost anything! What does avocado ice cream taste like? Well this was really smooth, and thick, and buttery, but still sweet. It's hard to describe, but if you like avocados, you'll probably like this ice cream! 

When we had finished our ice cream we headed to our resort, All-Star Music, to take a nap, then get ready to head off to Hollywood Studios! Here's the thing about Hollywood Studios, it's one of my favorite parks, and it houses my favorite ride at Walt Disney World, Tower of Terror, but it's still a half-day park because of all of the construction going on to get Star Wars and Toy Story Land ready. 

My parents and I went straight to Toy Story Midway Mania! At 6 pm the line was ridiculously long. But luckily for us, we had a fastpass! Then we rode it again, because we had another fastpass. Why did we have so many fast passes? Well we had some trouble with our room, so the manager of our resort gave us some of those fancy fastpasses that your allowed to use on anything, at anytime, for Friday night at Hollywood Studios, then for Saturday night at Magic Kingdom! 

My fam jam and I tried the new whoopie pies available at Sweet Spells. I was underwhelmed, especially after all of the hype by other Disney bloggers. We got the cookies and cream, and the maple-bacon ones. It's not that they were bad, but they weren't great. There was so much icing, and I'm not a huge icing person. They were also really really sweet, and while I'm all about dessert, I felt diabetes coming on after eating my portion of dessert. Needless to say I'll be sticking with my carrot cake cookie.

My dad and I went ahead and rode Star Tours, once with a regular FP, and another time with our special FP. The second time was really cool, because we got a rotation that we had never seen before! Everything started out the same, "Captain, prepare to be boarded," from Darth Vader, seeing BB-8, then all of the sudden instead of seeing Finn, we saw Boba Fett! Our flight took us on a battle with the most famous galactic bounty hunter! It was really cool, and probably my favorite part of the night! 

Mom sat out of Star Tours because it makes her sick, but that meant she got to hold a table for us by Min and Bill's Dockside Dinner for Symphony in the Stars! The view from this spot is awesome, but be warned, ash from the fireworks drops here. I ended up getting some in my eyes, and it hurt really bad. When the fireworks were over, my two best friends, Emily and Kaitlyn had finally gotten from Jacksonville to Disney, and the whole squad was ready for a party! 

Our first stop was the Star Wars Launch Bay! Usually hanging out in the Launch Bay is one of my favorite things. I love going to see Kylo Ren. But that night, Kylo had a major attitude and was really creepy. If I explained everything that happened during that encounter, we would be here until next week, so be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel so you can see what happened when we went to see Kylo Ren. 

We did a few more rides, and ended out our night by taking on Tower of Terror! It was the best! I love Tower at night. Emily, Kaitlyn, and I closed down Hollywood Studios. If you've never stayed at Hollywood Studios until closing, you should! The park is basically empty (unlike Magic Kingdom where you have to wait a while for an empty Main Street) and you can get some really awesome pictures! 

Well friends, that how we spent day one of my birthday trip to Walt Disney World! Here's a high-five for making it to Friday, and the end of this post, because it's a long one! Comment down below what your favorite ride at Hollywood Studios is.



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