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Walt Disney World Wednesday: The Monorail Bar Crawl

When people ask me why I go to Walt Disney World all of the time my typical response is, "Because I haven't done everything yet!" Last month my mom and I were at our favorite place and we took part in something we had never done before: a monorail bar crawl. Who says Disney is just for kids when there's great bars all over property?! So we left Magic Kingdom after Festival of Fantasy, got on a boat to The Polynesian Resort and started our afternoon/night of fun. (Please note: My mom and I shared 3 drinks between us and ate food at each stop. I do not recommend getting three drinks for yourself in a short amount of time. DO NOT drive after you complete the bar crawl! Get something to eat at each stop, because most of the drinks are strong! If you are going to participate in a monorail bar crawl, please be safe and mindful of others around you.) 

Our first stop was Trader Sam's Grog Grotto. My mom and I both had heard really awesome things about Trader Sam's. I had friends who had been and loved it, so we were pretty excited when we were able to get a seat inside the bar at 4:30. There's usually a wait from when they open until they close because of how popular the bar is. We walked inside and realized the reason for the wait was because it's tiny. I would say it's the size of a NYC studio flat. It had about ten tables. (They do have outside seating, but the day we went, it was raining, so we didn't want to sit outside.) The thing about Trader Sam's is that whatever you order is interactive with the bar. For instance, thier Hippopo-Mai Tai causes the bar staff to "search for hipppos" in the bar. It's a really fun place, but we didn't have the best experience. It might have been that there were CHILDREN in the bar with drunk parents who blatantly ignoring them. I'm all for parents having a good time and kids being able to go with parents places, but not a bar. Especially when you're not watching your kids, and your kids are bothering other tables. So if you want to enjoy Trader Sam's without kids, go after 10:00 pm when the "no children rule" is enforced. 

As far as our drink goes, we got what was called "The Pearl," which causes a giant clam shell to open and your drink comes out in a literal pearl. 

The drink was fab, but also our most expensive drink of the night at $17. Part of that was because you got to bring that pearl home, and part of it was because that drink was dang strong! 

We payed our tab, hopped on the monorail and headed off for The Grand Floridian. There are a few places here to grab a drink, but we headed to the Mizner's Lounge. 

This bar was way better than Trader Sam's. (I'm probably just saying that because of the kids at Trader Sam's. I would love to go there again and try it out after 10 when there aren't kids around.) The atmosphere of the bar was super chill and somewhere that you felt like you could hang out for a while and not be taking up a table for someone else. Th whole premise of Mizner's is to be an old fashioned type bar, so most of their signature drinks are classic style drinks. I'm not one to pass up on the opportunity for a great Moscow mule, so that's what we got. Mom didn't care too much for it, so I had this one to myself. 

We also got food here. Which was awesome! We got the flat bread with the house made sausage. We later realized that the food on the menu at Mizner's was the same appetizer menu at the signature restaurants at The Grand! I finished off the drink, and my mom finished off the food and we were off to the last stop of the day. 

The Wave Bar at the Contemporary is a hidden gem. The bar was pretty busy because it's attached to the Wave restaurant, but mom and I decided that this was definitely our favorite place. The drink menu was pretty standard, but the service was far above everything else we had at the other two stops. Since it was my mom's birthday she got to pick the last drink, and she got a Godiva chocolate martini. I'm glad she loved it because I sure didn't. We also got dessert here! They had an awesome seasonal dessert trio, and as we were talking to the bartender she asked if we were celebrating anything. We said mom's birthday, and along with our dessert we ordered we got the best chocolate cake! (Thanks, Brie!) 

So if you're an adult, going to Disney, and looking for something outside of the parks to do, I would definitely look into doing the monorail bar crawl. It's so much fun, and you get to see a whole different side of Disney! Let me know in the comments if you've ever had a drink at any of these bars, or done a bar crawl at Disney!