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High Five For Friday: April 8, 2016

Y'all it's finally Friday!! Has this week dragged on for anyone else? I feel like it's been the slowest week in a long time. But it's Fri-Yay, which means it's time for anther high-five, we made it through the week! Here's what was so awesome about this week:

1. Disney Friends 

If you follow my Disney Instagram (@minglingwithmickey) you might know that I went to Walt Disney World last Friday and Saturday for a dinner with some new Disney friends. Can I just say that Disney friends are the best kind of friends? We went to The Boathouse at Disney Springs, then literally ran to Magic Kingdom to get on the teacups before the park closed down for the night. Sometimes you just have to ride the teacups. 

2. Ice Cream

When ice cream is offered, I don't know anyone who is going to decline. My best friends and I went to get ice cream this week, and I just love them a lot. We have so much fun together, and ice cream makes everything better. If you're wondering, I got mint chocolate chip, which is the Lord's flavor, and is served in heaven. 

3. Dance Parties

This has been a week of dance parties. Whether I was dancing around Disney Springs, Magic Kingdom, or just my house, I haven't stopped dancing. Life is way to short to be rigid and boring. If someone hates on you for dancing well "haters gonna hate hate hate hate hate."

4. Cheese Fries

If there's something I love more than ice cream it's cheese fries. And luckily for me, my best friends think the same way. So tonight is deemed cheese fry night! #blessed.

5. Spring 

Spring has definitely sprung here in Florida. My allergies are going crazy, but that also means I get to pull out my dresses again, which I love! There's nothing better than just driving around in an extra comfy dress. 

Well that's it for this week's High-Five for Friday! What was so awesome about your week? Let me know in the comments! 



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