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Walt Disney World Wednesday: Top 10 Quick Service

Happy Walt Disney World Wednesday, friends! I'm excited because in a little over a week I'll be back at Walt Disney World for my birthday (more about that next week!), and I get to eat ALL THE FOOD! My family, two best friends and I are headed to Boma for breakfast one morning, and we're going to the Flower and Garden Festival which means all the #FreshEpcot deliciousness! I just love eating at Disney. I have this theory that calories don't count at Disney because you're walking around so much. It's a horrible theory really, but I eat pretty good when I'm at home, so when I head to the parks I treat myself to what I want.

When I'm doing Disney as a single rider I tend to eat at quick service places. Why? Because I have more freedom to do more things. I don't ever feel rushed through my meal by a waiter or waitress, and I'm not sitting there waiting when I'm done for them to give me my bill. I also don't have to make a dining reservation, which means taking a chunk of time out of my day that I may or may not be hungry during. So where do I eat if I'm #DisneySingleRider-ing? (Is that a word? Ridering? Probably not. I totally made that up, but I'm going with it.) This is my list of the ten best quick services at Walt Disney World, but not in any sort of order, because I'm not about picking favorites, I love ALL the foods!

1. Harambe Market at Disney's Animal Kingdom

The new Harambe Market at Disney's Animal Kingdom is awesome! Talk about an immersive dining experience! After talking with friends who have been to Africa, they say this is pretty close to what a market might look like! Inside the market there are three different stands to choose from, and they are all fabulous! But one of the best things to get, and share, because it's massive, is the spice-rubbed karubi ribs. It comes with two sides, a green papaya and carrot slaw, and a cucumber, chickpea, and tomato salad. If I'm alone, I get this anyways because it's delicious then feel really bad for throwing half of it away, but it's just so dang good that you have to get it again and again! 

2. Flame Tree BBQ at Disney's Animal Kingdom 

Sticking with the Animal Kingdom vibes, Flame Tree BBQ is another great option for a quick service! While they are known for their ribs, which you can get a full or half slab, I love their chicken. You get a half chicken, which again, I can never finish. (I'm beginning to realize that I need to find a food buddy to share meals with, because I eat a lot, but not as much as Disney likes to give.) Here's the fab thing about Disney though, you can exchange sides for different things. So this chicken comes with baked beans, coleslaw, and jalapeno cornbread. I don't like baked beans, so I just tell the cashier and BAM!, more cornbread because ALL THE CARBS! 

3. The Writer's Stop at Disney's Hollywood Studios 

Yeah, I know that's not the Writer's Stop. No need to tell me in the comments. But you know what? Hollywood Studios is going through some major growing pains right now, and construction walls don't make for great pictures. While I think that the dining options at Hollywood Studios are limited and not as great as the other three parks, there's one thing I always always always have to get when I'm at the park. A carrot cake cookie, which can be purchased then devoured at the Writer's Stop. If you haven't had a carrot cake cookie then your life is probably dark and miserable. I don't even like carrot cake and I love this. In fact, it's quickly become one of my favorite Disney treats and I'm buying an extra to bring home to snack on after my trips! The Writer's Stop recently went through a bit of a menu renovation, partly because they never had a menu before, and partly because of all of the closures at Hollywood Studios. They now have snacks like warm pretzels, and cheese plates. I haven't tried them yet, but I'm looking forward to it. 

4. Sunshine Seasons at Epcot

Man oh man, Epcot is my dream world when it comes to food, especially right now with the International Flower ad Garden Festival going on! (Hey violet lemonade, frushi, and burnt ends hash. I love you.) But if it's not festival season at Epcot, or you're just not that into paying $4 for frushi, then I highly suggest Sunshine Seasons inside The Land pavilion. They have a lot of great options, from stir fry, to fish tacos, and all kinds of salads and sandwiches. Even the pickiest of eaters can find something to eat here! This is also a great spot to hang out and grab something if your fast pass for Soarin' isn't quite ready. 

5. Boulangerie Patisserie les Halles at Epcot's France Pavilion

This is the view you get when you go to the Patisserie for breakfast. Bright blue skies, and literally no people. Did you know that you could go to eat at the bakery in France for breakfast starting at 9 AM?! Well you can, and they have their full menu ready to go. This is one of my favorite ways to start a day at Epcot. You get to sit and enjoy music from World Showcase, and eat delicious pastries. Who doesn't like warm croissants?! One of my other favorite breakfast items is the quiche Lorraine. If I'm headed back to World Showcase around lunch time, and it's not blazin' hot, I'll stop in here for the vichyssoise, or potato and leak soup in a bread bowl. I'm all about bread bowls. The more carbs the better! 

6. Be Our Guest (Lunch Only) Magic Kingdom

The world's most coveted dining reservation! Despite the fact that you DO need a reservation for Be Our Guest at lunch, even though it's considered a QS, it's still one of my favorites! And one of the only places I will actually take time out of a day alone to eat with a reservation. Why? It's still relatively quick, the options are pretty good, and the grey stuff cupcake is what dreams are made of. At lunch you also get to seat yourself, so I typically choose to sit in the West Wing room, where the Enchanted Rose and Beast's portrait are. I love the attention to detail in Be Our Guest, so when you're done eating, be sure to check out each room before you leave. So what do I normally get as a party of one? I get the croque monsieur, the Master's cupcake (with the Grey Stuff on top!), and Sprite to drink. All of my Disney days are powered by Sprite, which is weird because I don't drink soda at all at home, but Sprite is my jam at Disney. Anyways, if you can get that perfect reservation at Be Our Guest definitely go for it! It's awesome and you won't regret it. 

7. Columbia Harbour House at Magic Kingdom

If you haven't ever eaten at Columbia Harbour House I'm going to urge you too. Especially if you didn't get that prized Be Our Guest reservation! This quick service is all seafood based, but if that isn't your thing, then there's definitely other options on the menu. The main reason I love Columbia Harbour House is because of their lighthouse sandwich. If you like hummus, and broccoli slaw then this is a must. It's the perfect combo of crunchy, smooth, sweet, and salty. And you get some pretty awesome potato chips. When I'm alone at Magic Kingdom, and it's around three in the afternoon, I'll head upstairs to the second floor seating area, and sit by the window that faces Frontierland. This is hidden gem of a place to watch Festival of Fantasy! There's rarely anyone upstairs, and that window view, even without the parade happening, is great. 

8. Sleepy Hollow at Magic Kingdom

Two words: Nutella. Waffles. If that doesn't even peak your interest in Sleepy Hollow then we probably can't be friends. (Not really, we can still be friends, but I'm totally going to judge you for not loving nutella waffles.) This hidden little spot on the walkway between Liberty Square, Fantasyland, and Main Street USA is rarely busy. If you love waffles then this is your place. They have the extra fabulous Nutella waffle, and a ham and cheese omelet waffle. The real star was their spicy chicken and waffles, but sadly that got taken off the menu a few months ago. Thanks, Shanghai. Sleepy Hollow has a few tables by it, where you can get a great view of Cinderella Castle and Main Street USA!

9. Mara at Animal Kingdom Lodge

If you're like me, then you spend a pretty big chunk of time outside of the parks too. I love exploring the Walt Disney World hotels! When it comes to eating at a resort I can't help but love Mara at Animal Kingdom Lodge. The options for lunch and dinner are far from the typical pizza, burgers, and chicken strips. Some of the lunch and dinner items I love are the chicken pita, the falafel pita, and they usually have really good soup selections. Some of what you see here is also served at Boma, so if you're apprehensive about trying Boma out as a table service credit on the Disney Dining Plan, Mara might be a good test run! Another thing I can't leave Mara without is zebra domes. They are the signature dessert at Boma, and are sold in a small box of three or four at Mara. If you've never had a zebra dome, I'm so so sorry. It's the best dessert! Its chocolate, and Kahlua, and Disney magic all mixed into a beautiful little bite. 

10. Capt. Cook's at Polynesian Village

Last, but certainly not least on my list of the best quick services is Capt. Cook's at the Poly. If you're headed off to Magic Kingdom and need something awesome for breakfast, head over here for Tonga Toast! It's the worlds most glorious breakfast, and you can sit outside with a view of Magic Kingdom! Basically Tonga Toast is banana stuffed bread (yes, more carbs!!), that's fried, and coated with cinnamon sugar. Indulge, you're on vacation! The gym will be there when you get home. 

Then for dinner, they have awesome pulled pork nachos, fish tacos, and chicken and waffles! If you're headed there for a late dinner, you can take your dinner down to the beach to see the Electric Light Parade go by, then watch Wishes! 


So that's it friends! My top 10 quick service restaurants at Walt Disney World. Did I leave your favorite off the list? Did I have your favorite on the list? Let me know in the comments! 



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