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Walt Disney World Wednesday: #RyanEatsAlaska

Two weeks ago I went to Walt Disney World. Shocker, I know! But this time was a bit different. I was going to meet up with some people who I had been following on Instagram for a while, all in the name of #RyanEatsAlaska. If you still have no clue what I'm talking about, because you didn't see the hashtag on Twitter, Instagram, or you don't listen to my favorite Disney podcast, The Queue, here's what was happening: Ryan (@DisneySingleRider)  was challenged to eat a majority of this massive baked Alaska from one of Disney Springs new restaurants, The Boathouse.

So I made my RSVP via Twitter, and waited for the weekend. If you're like me, the last few days leading up to a Disney trip, no matter the purpose of going, are so slow! But Friday finally came. I got coffee from my favorite mermaid, Starbucks, and was on my way for a huge adventure. 

I got to Disney way before dinner, so I headed over to Epcot because what better way to save your appetite for dinner than by eating your way around the world? Can I just tell you guys that Friday was blazin' hot! It's was April 1, and it was almost 90 outside, so what did I do? I took cover in my favorite place at Epcot, La Cava Del Tequila. It was prime lunch time, and I knew there was going to be a wait to get one of the coveted eight tables. I walked into the Mexico Pavilion  to find no line at the bar AT ALL! Which was a first. There's always a line at La Cava. I told the Cast Member working at the door I wanted a table and he said it would be about ten minutes. The perfect amount of time for me to figure out which margarita I wanted and what I was going to get for lunch! They seated me, I got a beet margarita (don't say ew until you try it), and the trio combo because ALL THE FOOD! Basically I got a massive bowl each of salsa, queso, and guacamole. Yes, I finished it and yes, it was glorious. 

After about an hour and a half inside, walking out into the Florida sun was a stark awakening that there was actually people and light in the world. And it was still hot. I continued my journey around the World Showcase, and ended up at the International Gateway where there just happened to be character fun happening. If you're entering Epcot via Boardwalk, Yacht and Beach Club, or the Swan and Dolphin, you're entering through the International Gateway. And sometimes if you're lucky there will be random characters there. A few months ago I was walking around Epcot and got to hang out with Tinkerbell and Princess Aurora. This time the characters out were Ariel and Pocahontas. Ariel was so perfect in all the right ways! We talked about how her dad, King Triton, has a button collection and she likes to swim over to Epcot every now and then for ice cream. I totally get you girl, L'artisan des Glaces is the best ice cream at Disney! 

My day at Epcot was coming to a close, partly because I needed to get ready for dinner, and partly because the weather looked like it was about to become not so great. So I headed over to The Grand Floridian where I was meeting my friend Courtney, going to take some pictures of the Easter eggs that the Disney pastry chefs had created, and get ready for dinner. If you ever need a place to get ready because you don't actually have a room at Disney, The Grand Floridian second floor restrooms are huge! #protip 

I also grabbed an "I'm Celebrating" button from the front desk at the hotel, because any time your at Disney you should be celebrating something, even if it's just that you're there taking blog pictures. Celebrate your blog! Anyways, I grabbed a button, put the official hashtag #RyanEatsAlaska on it and headed off to Disney Springs. 

Y'all, Disney Springs on a Friday night is a cluster. The parking deck was full, so I ended up parking in Grapefruit which is basically Africa. Did you know Disney Springs has parking lots named after fruit? Well, they do. And by the time I got to The Boathouse, I felt like I had Carrie Underwood legs, which is really everyone's dream. We got there really early, but luckily for us there was a decent band playing, and the main guy looked a lot like Adam Levine. I spent the majority of that wait time dancing, as I do with most other moments when there's really not much else to do. 

New friends started to show up and I met Jordan and John, from VickersDoDisney!  They are so much fun, and if you aren't following them on Instagram, you're really missing out. Jordan also just started her own Etsy shop, so make sure to check that out, too! The rest of the group showed up, we got seated and this is that moment when you would think it would be super awkward because you don't know these people. But that wasn't the case at all! I sat near Jennah, Lex, Courtney, and Ryan, and it was like we had been friends forever because we already had this common bond of loving Disney. There were so many laughs and jokes and stories told that night. Dinner came and went and it was time for dessert.

Source: DisneyFoodBlog.com   My pictures of the baked Alaska were so dark, it doesn't show it in all it's glory.

Source: DisneyFoodBlog.com 

My pictures of the baked Alaska were so dark, it doesn't show it in all it's glory.

Our waiter was the nicest person. After seeing Ryan struggle trying to figure out how to cut this to serve the rest of the table, he came over and totally conquered cutting this like it was no big fuss. So we all sat there eating our slice of dessert, waiting and waiting while Ryan attempted to eat over a third of it. It was rocky road ice cream, a cookie bottom, and this totally nasty marshmallow stuff. I really don't know how to describe the marshmallow except for to say sticky, thick, and not something I want to eat again. So did Ryan finish his massive portion? Well, no, he didn't. But if I'm being honest, that marshmallow was rough. He gave a valiant effort so we all agreed that he could quit. But the night didn't stop there. 

Ryan was challenged by one of our other Disney Instagram friends, Max, from @DanielsDoDisney, to ride the Mad Tea Party at Magic Kingdom after the baked Alaska challenge. So it's about 11:30 rushing to Magic Kingdom to get parked, and into the park. We barely make it. And by barely, I mean the front gate greeters at Magic Kingdom told us we had five minutes to get from that checkpoint to the ride. We were cutting it pretty close. But you know what?! We made it! Well kind of. Part of the group was already on the ride because they were smart and parked at the Contemporary and I was dumb and parked in the actual Magic Kingdom parking lot and took the monorail around to the park. #stupidmove 

So they rode, while I chatted with a CM about why exactly I had run from my car in Jafar 74 to the monorail, then run down the monorail ramp to security, then run again from the entry checkpoint to the teacups. Cast Memebers are the best kinds of new friends. You know why?! Because you explain things, and why getting on this ride is so important, and they let you in because you were "in line at midnight," and they start the ride up for the last time that day. God bless those two girls!

Our night of challenges was finished. We hung out at the Kingdom for a little while, watched the Kiss Goodnight, took a group picture, because Disney friends are the best kind of friends, and all went our separate ways for the night. 

All in all, I'm really glad I went to meet new friends! There's something really special about getting together with people at Disney and I think that's what made this night so much fun, was because we were at a place where magic lives! 



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