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High Five For Friday: April 15, 2016

Happy Fri-YAY, friends! We've finally made it to the weekend! What a week this has been! You know when life just kind of throws a bunch of stuff all at once and you just stop and sit because you're not exactly sure what's next? That's been my week. Last Friday afternoon I lost one of my writing jobs, along with some other family stuff going on. But the thing about this is, I can't just dwell on the bleh of life forever. I have to choose joy despite my mess. So here's what I was so excited about this week:

1. Last Month of Being 23!

My 24th birthday is next month, and this week I officially started the last month of being 23. And can I just say that 23 really hasn't been all that fab. No one cares when you're 23, and there's been way too many bad things happen in 23 that I would rather not revisit again. So here's to 24 and being awesome! (I might also be celebrating my birthday at Walt Disney World, and have a few ways for you to come hang out so stay tuned for that!)

2. Gearing Up For 24 Days of Giveaways! 

Next week leading up to my 24th birthday, my Etsy shop is doing 24 Days of Giveaways! Everything from launching new products, to getting free things with an order, and discounts! Every day is going to be different, so make sure you're following my Disney Instagram for that official announcement Monday, and my Etsy shop so you can be in the know!  

3. Star Wars on Spotify!

You guys know I love Star Wars. I have a major thing for Kylo Ren, because "I can make the bad guys good for a weekend." So as I was working on some things this week I was listening to the Star Wars: The Force Awakens film score on Spotify when I noticed something awesome! The timer at the bottom is actually a lightsaber, and if you click on the handle it changes to a different lightsaber! Naturally, I changed mine to red because the Dark Side has cookies. 

4. New Romantics!

There was a lot of backlash when Taylor Swift decided to release her new music video on Apple Music because most people don't have it and aren't going to pay for it. But then it came out on YouTube! While it's not the best music video she's ever done, because tour videos are boring, that song is totally my jam! 

5. Best Friends! 

I am so thankful for best friends this week! There has been so much encouragement and love coming through on my text messages and I just can't thank them enough! 


That's it for what was awesome about my week! What was so great about yours? Let me know in the comments! 



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