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Monday Must Haves: March 28, 2016

Happy Monday, friends! I hope you all had a great Easter! I know I did. I went to church in the morning, then went to my grandma's house to have lunch and an Easter egg hunt (yes, at 23 I still have Easter egg hunts!), then came home to have dinner with my dad. This week's Monday Must Haves has a bit of a theme, which is "what's needed when going to Disney alone." Why? Because I'm doing single Disney Friday afternoon before I meet up with some awesome Disney bloggers! 

Social Media: 

If there's one "official" Disney account you need to be following before a #SingleRiderDisneyDay it's WDW Today. They are Disney's most interactive Twitter account, and post some great pictures of the parks. If you have a question about where to eat at Animal Kingdom, they have you covered, if you want to know what's the best way to experience Festival of Fantasy at Magic Kingdom, they have your back. It's also just really fun to interact with them. A few days ago they asked what people were trading with Jawa's at the Star Wars Launch Bay at Hollywood Studios and what they got in return. So many people had great things they traded, like glow sticks and pens, to get back droid parts. 

Follow WDW Today here: @WDWToday


One thing I love about my upcoming Disney trip is that I have an event dinner to go to. I love being able to meet new people, and see what makes Disney so special to them. But since I'm spending part of my day at a park, I don't want to wear my dinner outfit to Epcot. Why? The weather Friday is supposed to be gross. This is the time in Florida where the weather can go from beautiful and sunny, to rainstorms in a few minutes. Hence the two outfits. 

My park outfit is going to be Nike running shorts and a tank top for maximum comfort, not only in the park but while I'm driving. Along with an awesome new bow I got from Lauren over at MyLovelyLily on Etsy. 

Seriously, how cute is that bow?! 

Then for dinner, myself and some Disney bloggers/Instagrammers/Podcasters (Is that a word? Well it is now.) are headed over to Disney Springs to meet up at The Boathouse for dinner and dessert. I've never been to The Boathouse, but I've read pretty good things about it, so I'm pretty excited just to eat ALL THE FOOD. This is the moment where the outfit changes from Nike running shorts to something a bit more dinner appropriate. I'm thinking either a black dress, or a black romper. Definitely something black. 


Makeup is also a park v. dinner thing. Most of the time if I'm going to a park with family or friends I throw on some makeup because I know we are going to be taking pictures sometime through the day. But on my #SingleRiderDisneyDay I'm probably not going to be taking many selfies, or pictures of myself at all. (Unless Flynn Rider is hanging out at International Gateway! Then I'll be taking all the pictures.) So if you're alone at Disney, I suggest going without makeup. It's very freeing in a way, and you'll never see those people ever again anyways. 

Then for dinner, I'm probably going to be putting on makeup. Partly because I have a theory that when you wear an LBD you have to wear makeup. It pulls everything together. So I'll be bringing my Naked 3 palette and nude lipstick, because that's what I'm into right now. 


I'll be leaving for my #SingleRiderDisneyDay Friday, around lunch time. So what does that mean? It means two and half hours in my car, so I'm going to need the bops. One of my new favorite songs is from Alessia Cara and it's called "Wild Things." 


If you're still unsure about doing a Disney day alone, go check out the videos over at OhYeahDisney! Scott and Emily have made some awesome videos about top places to eat (because that's my favorite thing at Disney), a few Q&A's and just some awesome vlogs to give you some inspiration.


This is my favorite Disney thing. I have a hollow leg when it comes to Disney, or life in general. So if you're doing a #SingleRiderDisneyDay you gotta eat somewhere. My favorite place at Magic Kingdom is Peco's Bill's. It's Tex-Mex food, and it's pretty good. I usually get a kids meal because they are still giant, and you get a drink with it. (And let's be honest, I eat a lot throughout the day in park snacks so getting a kids meal is like another snack.) Then at Epcot I tend to just "eat around the world" and get a little something at every country because life is more fun that way. At Animal Kingdom the semi-new Harambe Market is awesome! They have a ton of options, and it's a great place to just chill for a while. Then at Hollywood Studios I'm going to the Hollywood Brown Derby Lounge. The shrimp and grits are fab! Along with the margarita flight!

And if none of those interest you, my best friend always brings uncrustables for snacks because sometimes you get hungry in line or you just don't feel like stopping for food.


Well those are my Monday Must Haves if you're doing a #SingleRiderDisneyDay like I am. Let me know what you love about going to Disney alone, or if you want to do it now! Also be sure to follow my Disney Instagram, Mingling With Mickey,  to keep up with this weekend's adventures. 



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