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Monday Must Haves: February 8, 2016

Happy Monday, friends! It's the Monday after Super Bowl 50, and no one really wants to be at work, yet here we all are. Working. In fact, it seems that my work has picked up. In the past twenty-four hours I've had my first two Etsy orders and I don't want them to slow down. I've also been able to complete a story for Beauty Advisor (more on that another time), and start to get partners in marketing. So here's to not having a typical job, but hustling and getting things done. Today's Monday Must Haves are going to be a weird mix of my Super Bowl thoughts and Valentine's Day prep, so get ready!


We can't talk post-Super Bowl Monday without talking about the big game. To me the game really wasn't that exciting. There were way better games during the playoffs, and even during the regular season. There were points during the game last night when I was ready to turn on just about anything else, but I knew the moment I did that, something huge would happen. But congratulations are in order here! So congratulations to the Denver Broncos! 

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The commercials with that are run during the Super Bowl are usually the best of the year. Companies spent upwards of 5 million dollars for a 30 second spot. But if I'm being honest, the commercials this year really weren't that great. To me the Doritos commercial was awful, even though my Dad thought it was so funny he basically fell out of his chair. And I'd rather not ever see another #puppymonkeybaby ever again. The real champion this year was the #MeetTheKetchups commercial, with the dachshunds dressed like hotdogs.


Valentine's Day is Sunday in case you were unaware and you need to start dropping hints to your significant other. I'll be spending my day in my pajamas and eating pizza because #SinglePringle. But Saturday my friends and I are getting together for our Galentine's Day. So what to wear for that? Well this super cute TopShop shirt is perfect.  

I love the heart print on this top, and the detailing of the piping around the collar and down the button area! So cute and perfect for Valentine's Day.


There's nothing more classic on Valentine's Day than red lipstick, except maybe chocolate. Well I've got a budget option and a high-end option for you. If you've been reading MWM for any amount of time, you might know what my two options are. My budget option is Rimmel Kate Moss 111 Kiss of Life. I love this red because it's under $5, and it lasts forever! It's so easy to apply and has a great non-drying formula. My high-end option is NARS Dragon Girl. This is the perfect matte lip color. I love this option because it comes in one of those crayons so it's really hard to mess up putting on, and you can be really precise with it. I would just suggest putting on a good lip balm before the red if you have chapped lips, as it sometimes causes dryness. 


Elton John. James Corden. Carpool Karaoke. 


Instead of doing the typical what I'm listening too type music section, I thought I would talk about the Super Bowl Half Time Show. I loved it. There are a lot of people who didn't. But music is so subjective that you can't please everyone. One thing I really loved about the Halftime show was that Coldplay had dancing flowers. That's one of my new life dreams. Be a dancing flower at a Coldplay concert. I also loved all of the references to when Michael Jackson performed at the Super Bowl, from Beyonce's outfit, to the audience participation, to showing Michael's performance on the LED screen on the stage. I also loved the dance off between Beyonce and Bruno Mars. Overall a major win in my book! 


Yesterday was my dad's birthday! So my mom and I decided to make him brunch. Well we tried something new and loved it! Cinnamon roll waffles. Yes, you read that right, cinnamon rolls in the waffle iron. They came out super crunchy, yet still soft and fluffy. Then we put that icing that comes with them and bam, perfect breakfast! What was so great about these waffles was that they were pretty instant. Just a few minutes in the waffle iron and they were done, instead of waiting for the oven to preheat, then baking the cinnamon rolls for 20 minutes. I'm definitely doing that again! 


Well, that's it for this week's Monday Must Haves! Like this post if you want cinnamon rolls now, and let me know in the comments what your favorite Super Bowl commercial was. 



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