Words Are Magical
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Thanks Dad.

Hey Dad! Your birthday is Sunday. The NFL is throwing you the biggest party ever, Super Bowl 50! But here's the thing Dad, I know you won't read this Sunday because you'll be pretty busy eating as many hot wings as you can, drinking your favorite beer, and relaxing in the chair with the dog. You've taught me so much in my 23 years, and you've made me try so many things I wouldn't have tried, and you've made me laugh the way no one else can, and you love me even when I act like an actual child when we're in line for Rapunzel at Disney (which is when I bet no one wants to be seen with me). So here's some of my favorite things about you, Dad!

1. You love mom and I more than anything else in the world. 

2. Along with mom and I, you've taken Emily (D2) into the fam since day one. 

3. And we can't forget Kaitlyn. (D3)

Your girls love you so much. Disney wouldn't be the same without royal security. (Ma'am)

4. You exposed me to the world of Star Wars. God bless you! I didn't know I had a Star Wars shaped void before December. 

5. You make everyone laugh when Roz comes out of no where. 

6. You let me hold your finger like when I was small at Disney still. That's really special to me. 

7. You let me try new foods, and if I don't like it you eat it. 

8. But most of the time if I'm trying something new, you get something you know I'll like just in case. That's the best.

9. You get the car when it's raining, or if it's just far away. 

10. Ice cream Dad dates are the best. 

11. When it comes to music, you might not like mine, but I sure do love yours. 80's rock is where it's at. 

12. But it seems you've picked up on some of the funny One Direction things. (I'm pretty sure Niall's your fav, Dad.)

13. Being "just the bus driver" and getting mom, Emily, Kaitlyn, and I places safely is one of the most important jobs you have. 

14. Thank you for teaching me how to clean out my shower drain and use tools. That comes in handy more than it should. 

15. Our house is the prettiest house in the neighborhood at Christmas because you put lots of effort into those white lights being perfectly spaced out.

16. You introduced me to sushi. 

17. You're VERY honest when it comes to how my makeup looks. That's when I know it's not good and to try again.

18. You "deal" with my friends coming over late and staying even later. But deep down you love hearing us sing random songs at the top of our lungs. 

19. You let me go out and explore the world, and tell me about your adventures! 

20. You served our country. For that, America is thankful, Dad. 

21. You always offer me the last bite of dessert, even if I'm "full." You know that I'm never full enough to eat the last bit of sweets.

22. You're not afraid of anything. Except roaches. Those are nasty, and everyone is afraid of those. 

23. You showed me how to make edible food, though I still really struggle with that. 

24. You watch Disney movies with me, even though sometimes you fall asleep because you worked hard that day. 

25. Speaking of movies, you took me to see 7/8 Harry Potter movies. That's commitment. 

26. You let me vent and give good dad advice. 

27. You showed me how to change my wiper blades on my car. Which is also going to come in handy if I ever leave home.  

28. You aren't condescending that I can't find a job. 

29. You're just happy I'm trying my best and trying to make things work. 

30. I don't think I saw anyone prouder than you when I graduated college. 

31. I love when you decide to do funny faces with the photo pass Cast Members at Disney. 

32. You were so proud when I got into grad school. 

33. But you supported me all the same when the money side of things didn't work out and I couldn't go. 

34. You wait in lines for the best margaritas in the world with me. (That's La Cava Del Tequila for you people wondering!) 

35. You taught me how to drive. Which was a pretty important thing. 

36.  You taught me that nap time is the best time. 

37. But you also taught me about football. 

38. And golf. 

39. You make the tea cups at  Magic Kingdom spin fast. I like that. 

40. You're the master packer. From the dishwasher to suitcases, that's your domain. 

41. You taught me how to put together furniture, so I could put together my new Ikea dressing table. 

42. You helped solve a mystery crime at the Haunted Mansion!(But you let D1 and D2 get stranded alone on the ride!)

43. You taught me ice cream can solve just about anything. 

44. You do things like this at stores:

And sometimes Mom get's mad. But you don't care because it's really funny. 

45. You taught me how to fish, even though I wasn't very good at it. 

46. You tried to teach me math, and that deserves all the awards by itself. 

47. You never skimped when it came to buying to princess costumes at Disney. If your daughter was going to be a princess she needed everything, the dress, the uncomfortable shoes, the scepter, the gloves, and the crown. #flawless

48. But you were smart enough never to let me wear those to actual Disney. 

49. And when I grew out of them you and mom gave them to other little girls, who gave them to other little girls! The circle of Disney princess dresses all started with you, Dad. And that's pretty special. 

50. You make the worlds best brunch!!! Those lemon pancakes will get anyone out of bed. 

51. And lastly, you carried me on your shoulders until I was probably way to heavy. But you did it anyways.

But if none of this convinced you that your birthday is special and you're the best dad, this video will. I'm pretty sure Disney took inspiration from us.