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Monday Must Haves: February 22, 2016

Happy Monday, friends! I hope you all had an awesome weekend! I know I did. I was at Disney this past weekend running in the Princess Half Marathon weekend for the fourth time, where I completed the Enchanted 10K. It was a great race, and a great course, as always. I love race weekend at Disney because it means I get to spend time with my mom and we just do whatever we want. There were a ton of special moments this weekend, from sitting in the drivers seat of the Main Street Fire Engine, to having a jolly holiday with Marry Poppins and a few penguins! There was nothing this weekend that wasn't magical. But enough about my weekend, it's all about what's going to be great about this week today, so here's what's up!

Social Media:

If you've been following me for a while you know I love Emily and Scott from Oh Yeah Disney. They have an awesome blog, Twitter, and Instagram. But Scott has recently paired up with Ryan, from DisneySingleRider on Instagram to start a Disney Podcast. It's so good. I listen to it while I write blogs of my own, or work on getting orders out for my Etsy shop. They have a ton of great insight about the parks, and they both have different perspectives on things which keeps the show interesting. So if you're looking for some extra Disney magic during the week, The Queue has you covered! 

You can follow The Queue on Twitter: @TheQueuecast

You can listen to The Queue Podcast: LISTEN FOR MAGIC!


The Burberry Fashion Show was this morning, and it was so incredible. There were so many great designs and I think Burberry is always pushing the edge of classy and edgy. The pieces are usually super tailored and structured, but there is also some movement to the dresses. One of my favorite looks from the show this morning was this sequin dress with the bold colors, and flowers! 


Along with the new style coming off the runway, there are a ton of new makeup launches happening right now. One brand who is doing big things is Tarte, who is doing two separate launches, one with Ulta, and one with Sephora. The Tarte launch at Ulta is all about products doing double duty, and at Sephora the Rainforest of the Sea is coming. I don't like this idea of launching different products at different stores. I want to see a brands full spring collection not go all over my city to find it. And if I'm being honest here, the Double Duty collection at Ulta doesn't look that impressive. The palettes look like recycled colors that have the different names, but with prettier packaging, and I'm really not sure how I feel about getting a lipstick and a gloss in one product. Most people are either a lipgloss or lipstick person, not both. As far as Sephora's Rainforest of the Sea goes the palette still looks like recycled colors, but the packaging on everything is far above what's at the Ulta collection. One thing I am interested to try is the Rainforest of the Sea foundation and matching concealer. Because it's made with water it's going to be really thin, and you should be able to go from a light coverage to a high coverage depending on how you apply it. This foundation is the complete opposite of Tarte's 12 Hour Full Coverage Foundation, which is thick and hard to work with sometimes.


Every time I get home from Disney I usually have some song from the parks stuck in my head. Today it's the soundtrack to Magic Kingdom's parade, "Festival of Fantasy" because it's just darn catchy!


Today is National Margarita Day, and I love margaritas! The best place to get them is at EPCOT, from La Cava Del Tequila and the avocado margaritas are perfect. So if you're at EPCOT today, or ever, go see my friends at La Cava and get one of their handcrafted margaritas! 


Well that's it for this week's Monday Must Haves! If you have anything you think I should try let me know in the comments. Let me know what song from the Disney parks gets stuck in your head when you come from vacation in the comments too! 



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