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Open Letter To Walt Disney

Dear Walt, 

It seems strange that I would write a letter to someone who's been dead for years and years. But here I am, Wednesday morning, drinking coffee, trying to organize thoughts, and trying not to get too excited that my absolute favorite makeup artist just retweeted me. But you don't even know what Twitter is. Technology sure has grown since you left, Walt. And your dreams of your parks always changing, growing, and evolving are coming true because of the technology of today! 

Here's the thing Walt, you created a place where my family and I can go and not have to worry about anything but how long the line for Space Mountain is, and how far away the nearest Mickey Ice Cream sandwich is. You created a place where I literally grew up. I remember spending part of every year, and sometimes multiple times a year at Walt Disney World. I remember riding on my dad's shoulders, being scared of Mickey, loving Cinderella, and really loving those giant lollipops! 

Now that I've grown up a bit more, I go to Disney way more, because the joys of having a car have set in. Some days I like to go to EPCOT and walk around World Showcase and grab a drink and watch the world go by. Some days I like hanging out at Hollywood Studios, or what I still call MGM, and being able to see my favorite Star Wars characters. Some days I like going to hang out in the jungle at Animal Kingdom, to see The Festival of the Lion King. But most days, Walt, especially if I'm alone, grabbing a snack and a sprite and hanging out on the new hub grass the imagineers put into Magic Kingdom is my favorite. I love watching the Kingdom in motion. Sometimes characters will walk by. Sometimes the Main Street Philharmonic will be playing. And sometimes Dream Along With Mickey starts. 

Here's the thing, Walt. I can never thank you enough for the memories you have allowed my family and friends to share. Did you know that my best friend went to Disney for the first time with my family when we were just nine? Well now we're in our twenties, and we still love Disney, but for totally different reasons. Did you know that my mom and I have an annual trip we've been taking for the past three years, just the two of us? I run at the resort, then we spend the rest of the weekend hanging out together. Did you know that every year my parents, grandparents, now two best friends, and myself enjoy the EPCOT International Food and Wine Festival? It's one of my favorite trips of the year. 

You would think after going to Walt Disney World so often that we would all be bored of it. But that's far from the truth. There's always new places to discover. There's always new things to do. There's always new places to eat, because let me tell you we love to eat! There's always something new opening, or something about to close so we have to do it one last time. 

I think you would be proud of what your dream has become, Walt. Families are getting together to make memories. The parks seems to constantly be changing. Nothing is ever finished. And that' what I love so much. 

So thank you Walt, for so many memories and magic.