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Monday Must Haves: The Birthday Edition

Happy February first, friends! I'm so excited about February because there's so much going on and I love when life get's kind of busy. You might have noticed that the blog title didn't include a date, but a theme, The Birthday Edition. No it's not my birthday, but there are three other birthday this month that I think are a pretty big deal. One is today, one is Sunday, and one is later in the month! So this week is all about how to handle multiple birthday in a month. 


This Sunday is pretty important. It's my dad's birthday, and the Super Bowl. The Carolina Panthers are taking on the Denver Broncos. I'm going for the Panthers. I just really like Cam Newton, and really don't like Peyton Manning. But here's the thing about a birthday being on the same day as the biggest sporting event of the year: ALL THE FOOD! Dad gets his choice of spread for the best tailgate foods of the whole year, from pulled pork, to buffalo chicken dip, to his fav beer. He also has a great excuse to spend the whole day in his chair. God bless the dads. 

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Kelsey Deenihan is a really awesome makeup artist, who works with people like Lucy Hale and Reese Witherspoon. Her Instagram is full of behind the scenes pictures, and finished looks. She has a pretty massive following with 45k followers. 

You can follow Kelsey here: kdeenihan 


There's nothing worse than going out for a friend's birthday dinner and being uncomfortable. Not because you don't like the people or the place you're eating, or the birthday girl decided to have one to many shots of Fireball, but because you decided to wear jeans a size to small and a shirt that makes you look like you ate nine burritos. So what to wear to your best friend's birthday? I'm always good for all black, but instead of a pencil skirt, I'm going tulle.  

So Kaitlyn, expect something like this for your birthday later this month! 


I got a lot of makeup for Christmas. Some of it I've tried already, like palettes and "winter" lip colors. Other things I haven't tried yet, like bright lip colors, certain eyeliners, and some mascaras. But one thing I love and think is so fab for a birthday celebration are the Smashbox Art. Love. Color. Eyeliner set. I'm obsessed with doing winged liner with the blue and purple colors. What I love most about these eyeliners is they never go dull. By dull I mean they stay sharp, not that the color goes dull. These lids come with an internal sharpener so every time you close the eyeliner and reopen it, it's like the first time you opened it. Which makes drawing precise lines really easy! 


One thing I think I'm going to do this year is make a birthday playlist for each person in my life with songs that remind me of them or have a special meaning to both of us. My dad's might include a lot of old 80's rock because that's what we like to listen to in the car when we go places. Kaitlyn's would definitely have One Direction and James Bay since she didn't like them or didn't know them before I introduced them to her. So here's to Birthday Playlists being burned onto cd's like it's the 90's. 


Let's be honest for a second, a birthday is just a big family meeting unless there's cake. If you make the cake yourself, or buy it from the store, it doesn't really matter as long as there's cake for the birthday person! And today I might be making a cake not only because Monday's deserve cake, but because it's the birthday of one of my favorite humans I've never met, Harry Styles. So cake all around. 

So here's to all the birthdays this month, dad, Kaitlyn, and Harry! If you know someone with a birthday this month make them a cake and a playlist. They'll love it, I promise! 



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