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Top Five Character Interactions at Walt Disney World!

You guys know I love going to see characters when I'm at the Disney Parks, but there are some I love going to see more than others! So today I'm going over the top five character meet and greets you HAVE to experience at least once (or once a trip if you're like me)!

1. Kylo Ren

My launch bae, Kylo Ren can be found hanging out and convincing people to join the Dark Side at Hollywood Studios. If you love Star Wars you are going to love this meet! Kylo is super intimidating, but also really cool. His line can get long, but if you go late at night before the park closes there's rarely ever a wait, and your interaction time will be a lot longer, which to me is always a plus. 

2. Rapunzel

She's so glad she left her tower to hang out at Princess Fairy Tale Hall at Magic Kingdom, and every day is THE BEST DAY EVER when you get to see Rapunzel. Honestly, some of my favorite character memories have been with Rapunzel inside Princess Fairy Tale Hall. The real BEST DAY EVER is during the Christmas party when Rapunzel and Flynn meet together inside Princess Fairy Tale Hall! When you go to see Rapunzel be sure to tell her you've been practicing using your frying pan as a weapon. 

3. Merida

In a little corner out of the way at Magic Kingdom Merida has one of the best themed meet and greet areas! It looks like you just stepped into her castle in Scotland, and you are about to have an archery lesson with your best lass. Every time I go to see Merida there is nothing but laughs and twirls, which makes for a super fun time. Note that Merida will meet in the rain since her area is covered, and when the weather is not so great the wait times will be a lot shorter. 

4. Aladdin and Jasmine

Aladdin and Jasmine are one of the few Disney couples that meet together still. You can find them at Magic Kingdom in Adventureland behind Aladdin's Flying Carpets, or at Epcot at Lamp's of Wonder. This is where I prefer to meet them. Partly because the area is themed better, and because it's a little out of the way of the main walkway. This does not mean that the line is going to be any shorter. In fact, Aladdin and Jasmine are one of the most popular meets at Disney. So be sure to line up early in the day if you want to meet them! 

5. Mickey Mouse

We could not have a top five list about characters to meet without talking about the OG character, Mickey Mouse! Walt always told us to remember that it was all started by a mouse, which is why Mickey is one of my favorite characters to meet. It's the constant reminder of Walt's dream. Now, you can meet Mickey in every park at Walt Disney World, but my favorite place to see Mickey is at Animal Kingdom where he meets with Minnie and they are dressed in their safari outfits. They just look so dang cute! 

Well friends, let me know in the comments who your top five characters to meet at the Disney Parks are! Like this post if you love meeting characters too. 



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