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Disney Christmas Gift Guide For Stocking Stuffers!

The stockings were hung by the chimney with care... But what were they stuffed with? At my house stocking stuffers are usually Disney themed, which is usually what our whole house is all the time anyways. We just love Disney. You can get some really great stocking stuffers from the Disney Parks and online from small shops for not a lot of money! Today is my last installment of my Disney Gift Guide, and if you've missed any of them, I'll link them at the end of this post.

1. Disney Parks Snacks!

You know how as you walk through the gift shops at any of the Disney parks they have the bags of candy from Goofy's Candle Co., an other delicious snacks? Those make the perfect stocking stuffer! Everyone I know loves candy, and we all love treats from Disney. If you're on the Disney Dining Plan and have extra snack or quick service credits, you can use those for these snack bags! 

2. Anthology Candle Wax Tarts

I love Anthology Candles! They have some of the best Disney inspired candles out there, and one of the best things they have for sale right now is their wax tart sampler. You get to pick four different scents from a list of Disney Parks and Resorts inspired wax tarts, which are all packaged individually, making for the perfect stocking stuffer. My four favorite scents right now are Christmas Belle, Beach Club, Soarin Over, and The Black Pearl. If you know what these smells are like at the parks, imagine that in your home! 

Shop Anthology Candles! 

3. Disney Parks Pens

Also in the major gift shops around the parks are the pens that are twisted to look like park icons or characters! I love these because they add a bit of Disney flair to my office, they last forever, and let's be honest, they're just dang cute! 

4. Parkbound Hubgrass Series Pins

You guys know how much I love Parkbound Buttons. I feel like I've featured Casey's shop in almost all of my gift guides, but she just keeps adding new things! One of my favorite things that she's added this year are the Parkbound Hubgrass Series Pins! These pins are shaped like coffee cups, but instead of being boring white, they match a Disney Princess! 

Shop Parkbound here!

5. Mingling With Mickey Bows

Yeah, I'm shamelessly promoting my shop. This is my blog and I do what I want, okay? And I have some super cute new bows in my shop as of today they I think would make the perfect stocking stuffer. This Tsum Tsum bow would be the perfect end for anyone who has the Tsum Tsum Advent Calendar!

Shop Mingling With Mickey! 

Well friends, that's it for this year's gift guide! I hope it helped you out! Check out the other gift guides below:

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