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Disney Christmas Gift Guide For Mom!

Merry Christmas, friends! Wait.... that doesn't seem right, we haven't even had Thanksgiving yet! But here we are talking about Christmas Gift Guides. I'm actually really excited about this because I get to feature some of my favorite small shops (though these posts are NOT sponsored by them AT ALL!) I do believe that shopping small is the way to go. This week's gift guide is all about moms. Moms do a whole heck of a lot, and they deserve some of the very best Christmas presents around. So these are my top five Disney gifts for moms this season!

1. Personalized Anything

Moms love just about anything personalized, whether that's an ornament that you get her name on or the date you went on your Disney vacation this year, a coffee mug with her favorite character and her name etched into the back, or even a really fun t-shirt that was made just for her! I promise you that your mom will love it. But my favorite personalized thing to get for my mom is an ornament from Disney because you can literally put anything on it that you want. 

2. Wine from France at Epcot

If your mom is like my mom then she loves wine, and most of all she loves the imported wine from France at Epcot. We've been able to find some true gems there, and luckily for us we've also been able to get those out in town for a lot cheaper price. There's something really special about being able to bring those Disney wines home. They bring back so many memories of a day walking around France at Epcot, and enjoying spending time with someone you love the most. 

3. The Mermaid Harp Ears

First off, if you don't already follow Christina on Instagram, you need to be! Her ears are so beautiful and wonderfully made that moms around the Disney Parks are going to love them! What I love so much about Christina is that her ears are really light and comfortable, meaning you won't get those nasty headaches that you get from the ears you purchase inside the parks. I also love that she is constantly coming out with new designs for her floral and her ribbon ears! You can find her shop here: THE MERMAID HARP

4. Maple & Whisky Candles

Moms love candles. That's just a fact of life. Moms who love Disney need Maple & Whisky Candles in their lives. From candles that smell like a favorite ride, to walking down Main Street at Magic Kingdom, Maple & Whisky candles transport you to a magical place, even if it's just for a moment. One of my favorite scents is Wilderness Lodge, which has pine and smoke scents! 

 Photo courtesy of Maple & Whisky Candle Co

Photo courtesy of Maple & Whisky Candle Co

You can buy Maple & Whisky Candles HERE!

5. Disney Cookbooks

Have you ever wondered how to make Tonga Toast from Kona Cafe, or how Disney gets so much magic into on tiny dessert? Well you can learn all of Disney's secrets and make some of the very best Disney dishes at home with a variety of Disney cookbooks. These can be purchased online at the Disney Store, or at the Disney Parks. My favorite is the Disney Desserts, because desserts are my favorite part of a meal!

Well friends, I hope this helped you with what to get your Disney-loving mom this Christmas! 



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