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Disney Christmas Gift Guide For Best Friends


Happy Monday, friends! I hope you guys had a great Thanksgiving! I ate so much food, I don't want to even think about turkey again until next year. Anyways, today's post is going to be a gift guide for your best friends. You know, those few select people that you share your secret with, the people that see you dance in the car, and the ones that go on Disney vacations with you?! My two best friends are Emily and Kaitlyn, and they make everyday THE BEST DAY EVER! So what do you get people who have made your life so magical just by being themselves?

1. Parkbound Buttons

If you've been around for any length of time you know that I'm pretty much in love with Parkbound Buttons! They really are just the perfect little gift. Casey is so creative when it comes to her designs, and the quality is beyond all other button makers. If you know what your best friend's favorite Disney movie is, Casey probably has a button to go with it. One of my favorites is this "I'm The Lost Princess" button because I LOVE Tangled!

Shop Parkbound Buttons Here!

2. Lillian and Co Bracelets

If you love Alex and Ani bracelets you are going to love Lillian and Co. Inspired by Walt's wife, Lillian, Charity from Yoho Disney started this ever expanding business with one bracelet, "Do As Dreamers Do" from Wishes! Now it seems like they are adding more designs weekly, and aren't slowing down. These bracelets are beautiful, and come in gold, rose gold, or silver. One of my personal favorites is "Go Live Your Dream," again because it's Tangled, and because it's a constant reminder never to stop making every day count to do big thing. 

Shop Lillian and Co Here! 

3. Walt's Wardrobe Tee's

If your friends are like my friends, we like to eat. And we really like to eat when we're at Walt Disney World! One of my favorite shirts comes from one of my favorite shirt shops, Walt's Wardrobe and celebrates eating! Let's be real here for a second, half of the reasons to go to Disney besides it being magical and all is the food! If you're looking for some really awesome shirts, Walt's Wardrobe is the place to go! 

Shop Walt's Wardrobe Here! 

4. Disney Lithographs

One of my favorite things to get people, especially if you're going with a specific movie theme, like Tangled, or Star Wars is lithographs. You can find these online at the Disney Store, the Shop Disney Parks app, or at the actual parks in any of the Art of Disney stores. These beautiful snapshots from classic movies are beautiful hanging on a wall, and make for a really great gift. 

5. Disney Starbucks Mugs

The last thing on my list of gifts for best friends is Disney Starbucks mugs. My two best friends and I love Starbucks, and the Disney Starbucks mugs are so cute! There's nothing better than waking up in the morning to know that you have a Magic Kingdom mug waiting for you. It really makes coffee taste more magical than it already is. 

Well friends, that it for today! Wednesday is going to be the last installment of my Disney Gift Guides, and you are not going to want to miss it! 



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