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The Wednesday Review: Tarte Lip Paint

Lipstick is something that's really personal to the person wearing it. You can be super chic in a nude, or very Taylor Swift-esque with a bright red. There are so many colors, finishes, textures, and brands to choose from where do you even start? Well the old Wednesday Review is back to help with all of those struggles. Today I'm talking about Tarte's newest lip launch, the Tarteist Lip Paint! 

I love my Tarte lip paint, and my ultimate makeup goal when I win the lottery is to get all 14! Yes, 14. This first installment has 13 lip paints and accompanying lip liners. There are a great range of colors from nudes, reds, a fab berry and even a bright lavender! The names of these lip products are just as cool as the product itself. My favorite is "Manbun" which is a dark berry and only available online. Some of the other names are "So Fetch" (a bright pink), "Hangry" (berry), "Yaassss" (lavender), and "Fomo" (mauve). 

Besides the names and the really cute packaging the actual product inside is awesome. The wand to apply the lip paint is really narrow and thin so you can be really precise putting it on. A little bit of this product really goes a long way. I have the color "Hangry" which is a berry, and I tend to wipe off one side of the wand and use the product that's on the other side to make my lips perfect. There's usually still a ton of product left on the wand, just because the lip paint is so pigmented and goes on so smoothly. The texture of the product reminds me a lot of whipped frosting. It's so light and it really feels like there's nothing on your lips at all. 

One thing I don't love about this product is how hard it is to get off. I'm not sure about the lighter colors, but the berry that I have stains my lips after I wear it around all day. That comes with wearing a matte lip product, but I didn't expect my otherwise pale lips to be stained a more nude dusty pink after I took off my makeup. 

When it comes to new lip launches I think Tarte has really done a lot of things right! I'm really excited about the next set of colors that are going to come out in this range. Let me know what you think about the Tarteist Lip Paint, or what color you want to get your hands on down in the comments! 



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